Zip ties and carbon frames

Hi all,

I have a frame pump that includes a mount with zip ties. I have a carbon-frame bike, is it OK to use the zip ties on the frame?

Does that same mount include the holes that match the water bottle cage mounts?
If so, it is MUCH preferred to use those instead of ties.

Not the best picture, but it shows the mounting option on most pump brackets.

Thanks Chad! Yes it does have the water bottle cage mounts, but it jams the end of the pump into the point where the top tube and seat tube meet; I’m afraid a good bump will drive the pump into the carbon.

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I have used zip ties in several applications with no damage to the carbon frames on either of my bikes. The recent USAC Sea Otter race, for example, required the GPS tracking unit zip tied to our forks. Previously I used zip ties to hold my rider # to the headset. And regarding pumps, I zip tied the Specialized air tool (pocket size pump) to the side of my bottle cage with zip ties around the frame. None of these applications resulted in any scratches (at least that the human eye could see) to my frames.


I’d be tempted to use some tape around the frame for a bit of protection, prior to doing the ties.

  • I use electrical tape (in appropriate color) or clear packing tape for projects like this.

but then don’t you run the “risk” of having to clean the tape residue off afterwards? particularly if you have the tape there for an extended period of time? In the case of my air tool, it was about 3 months before I needed to remove the cage.

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Yep. Pros/Cons. I find that adhesive removers (like Goof Off) work well and with ease vs the risk of scratches. But it’s entirely up to each person since there’s more than one way to skin the cat.


How tied to the pump are you? A nice compact pump goes into the jersey pockets easily with some co2 and an inflator.

fwiw: I have since abandoned use of pumps on rides. I take 2 CO2 cartridges and inflator that easily fit in a small saddle wedge.