Bottle Cage Mounted Tool - Recommendations

Finally took delivery of my new Epic Evo! With that comes the possibility of ditching the fanny pack!

On the downtube there is 3 bottle cage mount bolts. I know I have seen some tool/inflation kit solutions that will bolt onto that third mount. But cannot seem to find it anywhere.

Any recommendations?
Looking for a combo with CO2, Spare tube & basic multitool?

You can always use one of these tool bottles in the extra cage and make your own kit. That’s what I have, with tube, tool, co2, bacon strips and plugs.

Perhaps something from the Topeak Ninja Series Ninja Series | Topeak

I liked the look of the Topeak and Syncros options, but it appears none of them have bottle cages up to the task of mountain biking.

I ended up going for a OneUp EDC tool in the steerer and a tube taped under the saddle.

If you do go for a cage option, I’d recommend one that mounts under your cage of choice.

I love the OneUp tool and have built two bikes using mine lol. The OneUp pump can mount to a bottle cage and it holds the EDC tool inside, its a very sweet setup. You can also get a needle and tire plug kit that adapts to the EDC tool and fits inside the 70cc pump. You can also run CO2 with the pumps. It is a very slick setup.

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Absolutely, I had the pump on my previous bike. I didn’t want to put it on my current bike as it’s too pretty for asymmetry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

I wanted a small pump with a hose and now carry a Lezyne Micro HV Pump. I got the Jank Plug Buddy too. The problem with that is you won’t be able to use the tool to hold a co2 if it’s attached. Since Adrian didn’t mention tubeless kits I was assuming he’d be storing one in his handlebars or similar.

I also think those wee straps that hold a couple CO2 and a co2 tool onto the frame look pretty tidy and if I weren’t going to carry my pack/pump that’s what I’d go for to compliment my tool set up.

Just be aware of what tools you want/need as not all bikes and tools are equal. My Scott Spark has a lot of Torx heads from the factory which isn’t something that the EDC tool has. I’ve changed out my bolts on seatpost, stem, and bottle cage.

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Yes something like that! Those look pretty good!
Not sure if I understand their mounting though. It looks like it needs to use two cage mounts, just like a standard cage?

Maybe I am misinterpreting what I have, and what I can do with it?
My bike has (3) bottle cage mounting bolts in a row down the top tube. I was hoping that meant I could use two of those for a standard bottle cage, and use the third for tool attachment?

It doesn’t seem to be a current product, but S offered this for a while which was meant for your goals.

Maybe you can find one floating around online (seen a few possibles on ebay from a quick look).

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I think the 3 mounts allow a traditional 2 bolt mount just to be mounted either higher (top 2 bolts) or lower (bottom 2 bolts) so it’s in a location more suitable to the rider.


I’ve wondered this as well. I thought maybe some sort of frame bag :man_shrugging:. Different mounting options is the more obvious and logical answer.

As Chad mentioned, that third bolt is for a SWAT box.
Made to hold a lightweight tube, CO2 and inflator, and one tire lever.
It is a tight fit for just that.
Here’s a bad pic of my setup on my Epic.
SWAT box as described and a keg for another tube and a few more tools.
If it’s more than a one bottle ride I go to a pack, put the keg in there; then can have two bottles plus 100 ounces.

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Nice that looks pretty handy!
Might have to find one of those!