Gravel Bike frame wraps

I understand the intent and purpose of frame wraps on any off road bike. That being said, has anyone every actually had their carbon gravel bike structurally damaged due to a rock strike on the down tube?

I feel like the anecdotal statement that frame wraps protect your carbon frame might be lacking any example of serious damage beyond minor cosmetic scratches. Thoughts?

I don’t think anyone claims it protects from structural damage. Unless you’re thinking of thick rubber guards.


I’ve seen a few advertisements that talk about rock strikes hard enough to damage the carbon. I found that hard to believe but I fully acknowledge I don’t know everything so I’m just curious what others have experienced.

Thanks for your thought - I suppose you only believe they are useful for cosmetic purposes then.

Shelter Off-Road 1,2 mm - Invisible frame protection and a couple of other brands have products that advertise some possible added benefit of impact protection.

the 1.2mm product is quite unique and definitely different from other frame wrap products that are mostly just for cosmetic protection.

even so the level of impact protection will probably not be huge, but it is better than nothing imo.

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also a tool keg at the bottom bracket downtube bottle mount is my preferred guard there :slight_smile:


I had a rock take a nickle sized patch of paint of my 3T. I just slapped a sticker over it. Good to go.

It was a big, loud, hit but zero actual damage. I wouldn’t worry much about structural damage and I doubt a wrap would help that much anyway.


I use some 3m vinyl film under downtube, anywhere frame bag touches, and on chainstays. I don’t have any confidence it would prevent r serious structural damage. It’s just there to stop cosmetic damage.


I’ve seen the LBS in Alpe D’Huez preparing their rental MTBs by attaching cut-out used MTB tyres with zip ties. They said otherwise the bikes get “damaged” (possibly only cosmetic, I didn’t ask).