Z2 + Weights Combined?

My A Race for 2025 is July and I plan to start structured training (plan builer) mid Sept which gives me 3 months during the UK summer to try something different.

Although I have 30yrs of endurance training history (I’m 53) I’ve not specifically completed a Zone 2 block or done any structure weights, therefore I am thinking 12 weeks of 10-12hrs per week of zone 2 and a structured weights session maybe a good use of the UK summer.

For those with nore experiecne would these work together or would the weights session impact the potential Zone 2 adaptions. If so are there any better idea’s for the next 3 months? (I do not want to start a TR plan before Sept as mentally I can only manage 6-8 months of rigidy sticking to a plan)

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Best to do endurance work in morning, and strength in afternoon. But I’ve done strength work an hour before riding without impacting my cycling workout.

FWIW I wouldn’t just do z2, and be careful of detraining. Make easy endurance the centerpiece and toss in some short 30-sec acceleration intervals and some all-out 10-15-sec repeats. Or do a hard group ride once or twice a week.

If you decide to go the z2+weights route, then I’ll repeat myself and post something seen this morning:

Perhaps not the best study, but I’m seeing little to no interference swinging 4-5 times a week plus riding 4-5 times/week.

I’ve had very good success doing StrongFirst hardstyle swings on-the-minute and on-the-90-sec intertwined with an upper body exercise (Quick&Dead Protocol 015). And some interval work on the bike. I’m about nine years older.

Got started by learning how to swing and then doing this simple plan: https://www.strongfirst.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Strong-Endurance-plan-025.pdf

Versus barbells, kettlebells carry less risk of injury, relatively inexpensive, and simple and easy to follow structure. If you buy a competition style adjustable kettlebell you can train (“practice”) for years in the space of a yoga mat. Pick up a couple books by Pavel and you have multi-year minimalist programming with little impact on cycling while producing great results in strength and body comp. In StrongFirst minimalist programming “structure” typically involves on the minute or every 30-sec or every 90-sec.


Hey @UKCarl,

This would actually be the perfect time for you to get into some strength training! :muscle:

We usually recommend that cyclists add in strength training during the off-season or during their Base training, and start to reduce their time in the gym as their intensity on the bike starts to increase during their Build and Specialty phases.

Here are a few resources for you to take a look at if you’re interested.

Great thanks for the comments and resources Eddie,

I’m going to give it a go, just to mix things up from previous years.

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