Your FTP improvements

That’s awesome, great job!

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I think i know who you are. You’ll be at 400+ soon :wink:

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Hi all, i’m fairly beginner with structured training.
I just did my FTP Test after finishing the SSB1 Base plan. I think the jump of the FTP comes mainly because I know how to do a better ramp test compared to the first test. I also adjust my manually in between the base plan because it was starting to get too easy. I’m fairly happy with the test result.

Now I’m starting the SSB2 Base plan and cannot wait for the result after the plan is finish. :smiley:


Is there any data which shows Year on year progression expectations for FTP? i know this is not linear and different for everyone, plus depends on consistency and volume changes but still, if you continued doing the same volume i.e. a mid plan, mostly consistently and doing plan builder what can you expect in the years beyond year 1?

Ie is there a proxy for year 2,3,4,5 etc. Even if its a broad estimate, does progression suddenly drop off or is is roughly half or so each year?

Dear god, 5.0 w/kg is seriously a great feat of strenght!

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What has been your progression to get there? e.g. Volume per week, No of years, plans followed?


So add to that the 379W for 20 min on Nov 14th.



I’m most impressed with your second year Oct 19 -20, which has massive improvements even into the 4+ w/kg.

Very nice improvement in just a little over a month. I’m in the same boat - I just my FTP test last week at 236 and just completed week 1 of SSB1 base plan (5 weeks to go). So far so good. I can’t wait to see the outcome.

The first year up to October wasn’t structured at all.
I started out not knowing how to ride a road bike (didn’t know how STIs work, didn’t know what clipless pedals were, and so on), and really did whatever.
I mainly did GCN workouts I found on YouTube and probably didn’t do more than 4 hours a week for the first few months.
When the weather was good over the summer I mainly tried to improve my endurance, and didn’t really look into numbers.

I was pretty dissatisfied with my results and started to get coached in mid October. Since then, the results were pretty good. The focus in the previous 12 months was on TT, so the vast increase in 20 minute power was somewhat expected.
Next year my A+ event is a 5 day stage race, so The FTP Is somewhat secondary, and endurance, repeatability/ ability to recover and power efficiency will become paramount.
So far, I have based all my training on 8 to 12 hours per week.
I think the keys to success in the past 13 months were:

  • consistency
  • progressive overload
  • high intensity
  • focus on recovery (gleaning the hours to get sufficient sleep)

I will likely have to ramp up volume over the next year a little, to cope with the stress of a multi-day event.

Therefore, I don’t expect my FTP to increase notably over the next year. My goals are a rather moderate increase in FTP to 5.35 W/kg (to reach exceptional) and my 5 minute power to 6.7W/kg.


So basically you start cycling and went to 5 w/kg. I agree - why bother with all these lower values that normal human beings have :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously it is one impressive story. Comparing these with your bikes stable you are like a batman or something :stuck_out_tongue:

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The bike stable is Tony Stark level, but my power levels are more like Hawk Eye, at best :sweat_smile:.

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  • | - | -
    April 2020|end of GBMV|202
    May 2020|end of SSB MV II|203
    June 2020|middle of SusPB MV|205
    July 2020|end of SusPB MV|215 (this was probably an overtest)
    August 2020|10 days after my big event, the Bergen-Voss gran fondo|210
    November 2020|end of SSB MV I & II| 210
    December 2020|middle of GB MV| 210

To borrow from MasterCard:

Some people #GetFaster. For everyone else, there’s #ProgressIsNotLinear.


Congrats ! 80 Watts in a year

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Before March I was doing spin class at the gym. I switched over to TR on March 13, guessed my ftp and picked whatever workout looked hard. I did my first new FTP 8 minute test at end of March. I started a TR plan builder plan around May and have stuck to the plan very closely. Here are my results.

3/31/2020 - 293w
5/9/2020 - 325w
5/12/2020 - 306w
6/22/2020 - 314w
8/3/2020 - 336w
8/31/2020 - 329w
9/28/2020 - 339w
11/23/2020 - 337w

Seems like I’m stuck around the 330’s since August. After I finish this plan out, I would like to start another. Is there a plan that focuses just on increasing FTP above all other things (discipline or other)? I used to race MTB and CX years ago, but have no immediate plans to do any racing, I just want to see my ftp gradually go up over 2021 (if possible).

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Thanks! Call it 50 to compensate for the power source swap :sweat_smile:

Still very good :wink:

Just finished SSB1LV after joining TR 6 weeks ago. No prior experience with any sort of consistent training or training plans; just riding as much as I can when the weather permits throughout the summer.
Modest 4W increase (219W to 223W) @ 73kg which was kind of disappointing considering how much fitter I do feel.
Lots of possible reasons but I think over the next 6 weeks of SSB2LV I want to add getting my nutrition in check now that I am training consistently.


Just did a new RAMP test to start structured TR training scheme.
Went from 303W => 315W. (5.0wkg => 5.2wkg) by unstructured riding and lots (maybe too much) of Zwift racing.
Next target is 325W (5.4wkg), dream big :sweat_smile:
Sweet spot and O/U are going to hurt!


FTP is just a number , if you feel fitter that already is a big + !! Keep going and improvement will follow ( hey any improvement is good even if it is “only4W”)

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