Your FTP improvements

Apr 1st : 135 W - 92 kg
Apr 30th : 185 W - 87 kg
Jun 10th : 213 W - 83 kg
July 20th: 241 W - 80.5 kg
Aug 25th: 248W - 78 kg
Sep 21st: 252W - 77kg - (too much focus on strength training and purposeless outdoor rides)
Nov 16th: 268 W - 76.7kg (3.49 W/kg)

Very happy with the improvements but i cannot fix my diet problems. I am losing weight pretty well, came from 96 kg to 76 kg finally however fat percentage is still 19%. Work and family stresses are top, I cannot sleep longer than 7h 30 mins average.
Riding is the only thing keeps me alive nowadays and I really want to be the best of myself i can.


Hi all,

New to Trainerroad, but not to cycling or sports in general. I’ve done the first Ramp Test yesterday, which puts my FTP at 375W (4.5W/kg). I’m 6’5 and 183lbs (83kg). I’ve always been on the lean side (body fat) but due to 12 years of professional rowing, I still have muscle in weird places even though I haven’t rowed in four years. My weight hasn’t changed in 2+ years. I’ve been riding between 12 and 15hrs a week this year already. I wanted to pick your brain on what to focus from here on now. Given my FTP was tested at 375W, how realistic is it that I can improve it to or over 400W as an amateur with a family and full time job? Reading other posts, weight loss is typically the first place to look at but while there’s some places to always lose fat, I can already see veins on my lower abdomen and my diet is pretty clean (my wife is a pro runner). Muscle loss while trying to get stronger don’t go together, I learned that during my rowing days. Any tips on how to go about this?

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good lord.

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And another rower with some absurd FTP:) I want to see separate topic for rowers. Maybe some new sub-brand TrainerRow…

And to answer your question - as a rower, apparently there is no limit in terms of gains and power.


My rowing days are 20 years ago but I was a competitive young athlete here in Germany. Heavy weight. I am not to sure what or who told me to choose road cycling afterwards but anyways. But my buddies admire my ability to suffer, most of them are 20-30 kgs lighter than me but I hang in with them on the climbs.
I would suggest that you focus on technic and tactis more than on FTP gain. FTP gain will come with consistence in training and with 4.5 you are pretty high already.

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Thank you both! I will try to focus on getting stronger, maybe stronger in a better position on the bike, and have weight come down naturally. Trying to lose weight in the past usually resulted in really bad workouts so maybe focusing on strength first is the way to go. The reason to post in this thread is FTP as W/kg improvement, no to hijack this with weight loss questions!

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That’s awesome, great job!

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I think i know who you are. You’ll be at 400+ soon :wink:

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Hi all, i’m fairly beginner with structured training.
I just did my FTP Test after finishing the SSB1 Base plan. I think the jump of the FTP comes mainly because I know how to do a better ramp test compared to the first test. I also adjust my manually in between the base plan because it was starting to get too easy. I’m fairly happy with the test result.

Now I’m starting the SSB2 Base plan and cannot wait for the result after the plan is finish. :smiley: