Your FTP improvements

I’m on a fairly basic trainer (Tacx Vortex) but have been on the same one since I started and follow the same protocol… spin down etc before each test.

I was convinced I’d over preformed/something had gone wrong on the test but I went on to get through the next block of training more comfortably than the one before.

I’m think a big part of the reason for the jump is down to simply getting better at the test itself. I did also take a week or so off the bike so felt well rested.


This is probably the reason. You probably under-tested in the first few ramp tests. How was the perceived exertion and Heart Rate in your workouts after the jump in power compared with the previous block?

Anyway, great progress, congratulations. I started in June with a FTP of 166 and I’m hoping I can follow the same path. Currently at 231.


in my previous (cycling) life, riding on the W&OD trail outside of DC every time I’d be doing a chill Z1/2 ride I’d find people sitting on. I feel you on the smaller riding partners for sure…“do you even draft, bro?!?”

my wife is happy I’m happy, but just has no context for starting to feel stronger on the bike, etc.

only advantage to being really out of shape is my fitness only has one direction to go for a long time!

“Anytime you wanna take a pull, that would be cool.”

Actually, the guys I rode with had no problems sitting on the front, but the draft-benefit was predictably and noticeably different based on the size of the “vertically challenged” individual in front of me.

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Finally broke that barrier. Probably the last full number I‘ll hit :sweat_smile:


Good lord… Nice work.

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Thanks. It was proper painful…

Also, the chart above is not meant to suggest that my power profile is a straight line. 5 and 20 min pretty top notch. 1 min is not so great, sprint is really nothing to even mention :sweat_smile:


No worries about deceptions Mr. Aero. When I look at my power profile, I happened to (dream/fantasize) believe that I’m some sort of echelon-enhanced Dutchman, but maybe that’s just what happens when I look at my power profile that becomes highly respectable between 3 and 20 minutes, heavily weighted for watts vs w/kg.

I just started riding again 7 months ago. Injuries and a few other things had derailed me for a decade.

In the beginning of September I tested via a 20 min on Zwift at 230. I haven’t tested since then, but my gut tells me I’m at 245 now. I’ve been doing a bunch of SS style workouts on the dumb trainer. I have a Saris H3 on order and when that arrives next week I am going to start my first ever structured training plan. I’d start now, but I am not sure how to reconcile my next FTP test with numbers from my left arm PM with the numbers that are measured by the H3. Any ideas?

I’m going to use this post to lay out some goals and revisit down the road:

  1. Drop from 205 lbs to 190 (without losing muscle mass). I’m pretty tall.

  2. Increase FTP to 270 by end of March 2021; 300 by end of Dec 2021.


shoot, even when my old riding buddies were tall, they were 6’2" 145lbs…that’s no help either when you’re trying to draft behind an overgrown green bean. the rare occasions I’ve had to draft a couple ‘normal’ sized peeps on a tandem…NOW we’re talking!

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Mr. Aero? That’s my dad. We are all friends here. You can call me „Iseverything“ no problem :joy:


Congrats! And I secretly hate you a little bit, because of simple cyclist jealousy :wink:


Long time no post in this thread

Last year, my FTP was 264 before a major block of training and a 600km audax so assume that it went higher.

Then I got covid in March and I was a long time off with some very low volume, slow rides. In May I did another Ramp Test and got 186w, July 209w I was improving but still didn’t feel right. No training plan, just outdoor rides.

This past month, on SSBLV1, was the first time I’ve felt fit again. Ramp test result = 230w

I feel like I’m finally on the way back and looking forward to a winter of training and 2021 being a good year.


I surprised myself and now I’m a little anxious about my next training period…

On Sep 2, my result from a 20 min FTP test was 230. It was a beatdown and I gave it everything I had. It was within the range I expected. Since then, I have been doing consistent SSB1 style workouts on Zwift and and just a few 1-2 hour hard MTB rides. Partway through bumped up the FTP without testing to 240 because they felt too easy.

Today I did my first ramp test and first workout on my new H3 trainer. I also logged the data with my 4iiii and Garmin.

TR’s result from my Saris H3 was 261w. In disbelief, I looked at the Garmin data from my old 4iiii - the 1 min max power at 21:00 was 347w. So multiplying that by .75 would be 260w (am I doing that right??). Pretty darn close so I am ruling out calibration issues between the equiptment.

The last 10 weeks was very focused on diet and sleep. I averaged between 8.5-9 hours of sleep a night. I maintained a slight caloric surplus and ate well:

Typical breakfast - large bowl of oats, 4 eggs, banana. Pre lunch snack - protein shake and snack bar. Lunch - 1/2 lb beef or chicken, 2 cups veggies, rice or sweet potato. Afternoon snack - yogurt. Dinner - 1/2 lb meat, 1 cup veggies, pasta or something similar, large spinach salad. Evening - 2 IPA beers or wine (ok, that’s junk food I admit). Night snack - 2 bowls of cereal with a banana or blueberries. Olive oil and grass fed butter on many things. I eat a lot and try to maintain strength training as a secondary priority.

Current weight is probably 205 lbs based on how clothes fit and how I look in the mirror. I haven’t actually weighed myself since COVID closed my gym in March. Once my noob gains stabilize, I may cut weight to 195.

Not sure I’ll be able to see a 10 week gain of 30ftp again. I am going to start SSBLV2 now and will see how it goes. I am very focused on perfecting my recovery efforts and completing without having to adjust the workouts. Very likely I will add a “recovery week” after 3 training weeks.


Apr 1st : 135 W - 92 kg
Apr 30th : 185 W - 87 kg
Jun 10th : 213 W - 83 kg
July 20th: 241 W - 80.5 kg
Aug 25th: 248W - 78 kg
Sep 21st: 252W - 77kg - (too much focus on strength training and purposeless outdoor rides)
Nov 16th: 268 W - 76.7kg (3.49 W/kg)

Very happy with the improvements but i cannot fix my diet problems. I am losing weight pretty well, came from 96 kg to 76 kg finally however fat percentage is still 19%. Work and family stresses are top, I cannot sleep longer than 7h 30 mins average.
Riding is the only thing keeps me alive nowadays and I really want to be the best of myself i can.


Hi all,

New to Trainerroad, but not to cycling or sports in general. I’ve done the first Ramp Test yesterday, which puts my FTP at 375W (4.5W/kg). I’m 6’5 and 183lbs (83kg). I’ve always been on the lean side (body fat) but due to 12 years of professional rowing, I still have muscle in weird places even though I haven’t rowed in four years. My weight hasn’t changed in 2+ years. I’ve been riding between 12 and 15hrs a week this year already. I wanted to pick your brain on what to focus from here on now. Given my FTP was tested at 375W, how realistic is it that I can improve it to or over 400W as an amateur with a family and full time job? Reading other posts, weight loss is typically the first place to look at but while there’s some places to always lose fat, I can already see veins on my lower abdomen and my diet is pretty clean (my wife is a pro runner). Muscle loss while trying to get stronger don’t go together, I learned that during my rowing days. Any tips on how to go about this?


good lord.


And another rower with some absurd FTP:) I want to see separate topic for rowers. Maybe some new sub-brand TrainerRow…

And to answer your question - as a rower, apparently there is no limit in terms of gains and power.


My rowing days are 20 years ago but I was a competitive young athlete here in Germany. Heavy weight. I am not to sure what or who told me to choose road cycling afterwards but anyways. But my buddies admire my ability to suffer, most of them are 20-30 kgs lighter than me but I hang in with them on the climbs.
I would suggest that you focus on technic and tactis more than on FTP gain. FTP gain will come with consistence in training and with 4.5 you are pretty high already.

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Thank you both! I will try to focus on getting stronger, maybe stronger in a better position on the bike, and have weight come down naturally. Trying to lose weight in the past usually resulted in really bad workouts so maybe focusing on strength first is the way to go. The reason to post in this thread is FTP as W/kg improvement, no to hijack this with weight loss questions!

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