Your FTP improvements

Good lord, ok, thanks. Long road ahead of me.

Damn man that’s huge loss, I’ll try, 800 is def a big deficit

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I’d try it gradually. Drop 200 or so kcal when you start, and then another 200 kcal daily after a few weeks to find your sweetspot to lose weight but not feel weak, and not have your body go into emergency mode.

The problem only cyclist would have :wink:


Before bed or after you wake up, whenever is more convenient, try getting 30min of light spinning in everyday. When I say light, I mean light. It shouldn’t feel like you’re doing much of anything. Those daily 30min and resulting caloric burn add up quickly.

Edit: I dropped from 88kg to 73kg in about a year once I stopped the gym. Running is what really wiped the upper body muscle mass out. While I’ve been steady at 73kg for quite sometime now, I’m not really watching what I eat. If I clean up my diet, I can probably get to 70kg quickly w/out any suffering.

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well I haven’t even gone a week in SSB1 and I’ve already increased my FTP to 305 from 300 and I’m almost feeling like I could go to 310 and be ok.

Reason being I had recently done some zwift racing and averaged 275 for an hour, so when it came time to go back on SSB1 HV and having intervals at 10-20mins this first week around 90% (which, for an FTP of 300w would be 270w), it didn’t seem like that would provide enough new stimulus to grow, considering my ability to do that for an hour already.

So I did Antelope yesterday based on 305w and Pettit today was super easy at 70%, but I’m going to get through maybe another week before I make any decisions on additional increase. Certainly don’t want to overdo it!

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@hubcyclist the idea of a 20 min sweet spot interval is not to do something higher then what you can do for on hour.
A 60 minute threshold effort (which is in theory possible) is a big strain on your body, while sweet spot is much more easy to recover from (and therefore repeat). So for sweetspot, it’s not what you can do, but what you can do+ recover from :slight_smile:
I’m not saying that it’s wrong to up your FTP, but you should do it for the right reason and I can’t find that in your post. Just replacing all sweet spot efforts for threshold is good recipe for failure in the long term. For a few workouts it’s ofcourse no problem, there are also threshold workouts in the TR plans


I am 78 kgs with 1.88 cm height and want to loose some weight too. My last ramp test was 298w and now i am at the fourth week of ssb high volume 1. I guess my ftp is increasing but not sure of course. So i want to hit over 4 wkg.

So what would you suggest to me to get 74-75 kgs?
I am trying to step 10.000-15k per day and 1.800 caloris per day (without cycling workout i eat what i burnt in and after cycling).

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Up to 225 this morning, from 210. Only 25w to go to get back to where I was this summer. But with a bit more weight lost now 71kg my w/kg should be getting better with every watt bump.

Goal is to enter the 300w club or surpass 4w/kg. What ever comes first.


off topic but how do you find those NoPinz suits? Thinking about getting the P1 Road one.

First FTP drop, I’ll take it :grin:


Humble person’s records here. Such humble. wow.

Restarted my training this May(Mid Apr to Mid May totally zero workout). Weight always around 63kg. 173cm(5’8"). All low volume plans with one~two added endurance or sweet spot workout. Power was measured using misuro b+ with Elite Volano.

May(SSB) - 190 (ramp test + manual adjust regarding previous fatigue, 3w/kg)
Jun(SSB) - 195 (ramp test x 0.96)
Aug(SPB) - 199 (ramp test + kolie moore prog1 test)
Sep(SPB) - 203 (kolie moore baseline test)
Oct(SSB, custom) - 210 (kolie moore baseline test)
Nov(GB) - 217 (ramp test today, 3.4w/kg)

Gained more than 20 watts for 6 months. Last year ramp test took me into over-training state. I thought my growth of aerobic endurance was not enough under over-training state, so this time took different multiplier for ramp tests to back off a little bit and let my aerobic endurance be nurtured. After some time I used kolie moore ftp test and it gave me good ftp estimate. Today I did ramp test and 217w is what TR suggested me. That value was in range of my expectation. I feel like I’m average TR person now as I can use ramp test for ftp estimation.


I am reading about all your FTP increase… I am new to structured training but been cycling for all my life starting a 12 (racing from 12 to 21, no trainer, all by myself) and now, at 43, I am always on a plateau and not improving myself, I think I am always overtraining, I dont like smooth ride, it’s always 100% which is bad.

So my question is, seeing all your nice improvments, not a lot of you talk about volume… is it possible to improve a “plateau’ing” ftp of around 230-240 with only low volume training plan (I will be adding a 4th riding endurance days per week too as prescribed by some of you)??

Nov 2020 - SSB1+2 - 67kg - 213 (-11.3%) - 3.18W/kg

So, in August I got back onto SSB1 and subsequently onto SSB2, adherence was down to averaging 1-2 TR rides a week and longer MTB ride at weekends. Also, the baby (10months old) decided that sleep was now not something she wanted us to have anymore! Felt like my stamina was good but my top end was suffering which I assume is reflected in my lower FTP. I was really suffering recently on workouts at 240 and had to dial them back or even bin them off part way through. 213W feels good and right at the moment so hopefully it will all pick back up again :slight_smile:


Recently people talks about weight loss, so looks like that “you” in your post is me, right? I learned some techniques regarding plateau during my learning process even though I haven’t yet met plateau. Things I can remember would be like…

  • Add 10min or more endurance riding after every workout. This would eventually topped up as 30min to 1h to or even more added endurance hour per week.
  • Obviously, mid volume
  • You need more stress or more rest. Ask Cycling Coach covered topic on plateau before.
  • Make your own plan about progressing over Sweet Spot or vo2max. Different stimulus is always asked for plateau situation.
  • Manipulate training density
  • Training as prescribed, not over-do it. Hunter Allen’s explanation.
  • Maybe 4th riding better be sweet spot training. Nate’s words in Kolie Moore Podcast wisdom thread give me think like that.

If you want more detailed information or discussion, it would better be discussed over separate or existing thread about plateau, I think.


Well thank you for that feedback it’s all interesting and I will go read what you gave…

But I was more questioning the Low Volume training plan, is it realistic to think we can improve our FTP (already around 230-240) with only the low volume training ? (even when I ride outside during summer, I never do more than 2h rides but they are pretty intense ride).

So, what is low volume for you?
I am not using TR as a trainings software, but I can thoroughly recommend Dylan Johnson‘s YouTube Channel:
Here he details how to make the most of 6hours a week:
Also, Dan Lloyd, a former pro, and now 40y/o presenter of GCN did a challenge on how fit he could get in 10 weeks on 4hrs/week:
First video of the series:
Result video:

Depending on how low your low volume is, I really think you can raise your FTP. My main reason to believe that, is you saying, you are new to structured training. Structured training, especially when breaking up a year into seasons/ phases, and focusing on progressive overload, can make all the difference in performance.

Also, I‘d advice against focusing too much on FTP alone. It is an important figure, but when focusing on a higher FTP, you might end up becoming very good at FTP tests (20 minute time trials) and not much else. It is important, but a little overrated in my mind.

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look at my previous post for my results on LV (+ a little extra ~ 5 hours, ~300 TSS):

Also keep in mind that your weight is also a factor in this story, if you are 60kg, 240 is pretty above average on TRLV training, but on 100KG you can probably improve on both your FTP + weight :wink:


Oh, nice… ok, well first, my Low Volume is the TrainerRoad one, so 4 hours a week (more or so) plus my 1h-1h30 endurance ride that Iwill add (so 4 training a week between 1h to 1h30).

and I am 76 to 80 kg depending on how much weight training I do LOL.

nvalphen, I will go read your previous post, seems like the same thing I do :slight_smile:

(Edit: after reading your post nvalphen, that’s exactly what I wanted to read, with around 5h/week and 300 tss, it seems really possible to improve my fitness (not only my FTP, thx Aeroiseverything :slight_smile: )


52 y/o Female, new to cycling training in June, Tacx Flux S
now using plan builder to train for hillclimb races in 2021 (targeting Whiteface)

6/17/2020 start of SSBMV1: FTP 128 @ 67.0kg (1.9 w/kg)
7/28/2020 start of SSBMV2: FTP 154 @ 67.3kg (2.3 w/kg)
9/8/2020 start of GPBLV: FTP 165 @ 66.8kg (2.5 w/kg)
9/25/2020 restart SSBMV1: FTP 171 @ 65.8kg (2.6 w/kg)
11/10/2020 end SSBMV1: FTP 181 @ 65.0kg (2.8 w/kg)