Your FTP improvements

Super easy to figure out how many watts you’ll be doing in an interval or what % of FTP you’re doing at all times. You must be insanely fast on the flat!

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Beast :muscle::+1:

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Very true :grin: yupp flats is all i do :sweat_smile:

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I’ve been on TR for a year and a week. When I started my FTP was 241W, it’s now 272W (both figures from Ramp Tests). That’s on the Low Volume plans plus whatever Z1/2 rides I wish to do at the weekend.

As above, the FTP value is really about aligning you and the intended workload.


Hi there, I’m new in the Trainerroad forum. I would like to share my experience in FTP gains, outside Trainerroad, and I will come back in a month and report how my gains went , after doing something structured for the first time!

My training regimen, if you could call it that, used to be based on a short commute, erratic training rides, and some long rides on weekends. I got a power meter , and my FTP tests yielded 280 - 288 watts for years.

Now, with the Covid-19, this all changed. No commute, and a month and a half of unstructured but consistent sweet-spot kind of work with Zwift (I know I know…). After this phase, I tested at 301 watts.
I enjoyed my new-found form for a bit, but due to other things happening in my life, I wasn’t too consistent in my riding during the summer and up to October.

I resumed my menu of sweet-spot on the turbo, and long rides on the weekends, but I started reading about Trainerroad so here I am . I signed up last Thursday and I did the ramp test. I tested at 306. Against the advice of the plan builder, I chose the lowest duration of the high volume plan, and I am currently in the second week of the Sweet Spot base. I figured that I am used to riding 40-45 hours a month so 9 hours a week should be fine.

I am excited about what can truly structured training do! If just throwing a bit of sweet-spot into my training got me from 288 to 306… I am willing to commit to a sweet-spot based program, and so far I am impressed with the quality of the advice I find in Trainerroad (both in-workout and in the podcasts).


6’4" 242lb 51yr old Male just got back into cycling after 15yrs. Essentially no athletic activity…completely “off the couch.” Got my bike on a Saturday, did my first Ramp Test that Sunday…came up at 147. Low Volume plan using Plan Builder for gravel races next year with first A race in mid-March. Just completed my first 6 week block of SSBLV1 and retested this evening. 190! The Noob Gains are REAL.

My wife isn’t nearly as stoked about it as I am, so I’m hoping someone here will be LOL.


Great first results there, don’t forget to track your W/KG as like myself, you’ll make gains there too and notice them out on the road, as you go through the plans I can see you losing a few pounds too… think I lost approx 30lbs without even changing my eating habits, just by doing regular training… good luck on your journey and the pending A race in March and enjoy that journey.


Thanks, I’m down 8lbs so far without even trying and look forward to getting back much closer to my old riding weight of 190lbs. W/Kg is on my radar for sure…was 1.29 when I started, and is now 1.73…a ways to go but looking forward to the journey.

Really great to be able to be as time efficient as I am using TR as well. I don’t feel like I’m adding a bunch of additional cognitive load to my weekly existence…I just do workouts…suffer…profit.


@motard , your “off the couch” gains aren’t done. You’ll see several more big jumps with both the base increase and the muscular improvement. I’m stoked someone even taller than me (even if only nominally so) is on a bike, riding hard.

I’d love to have a big hole in the air to follow, rather than following a bunch of 5’10" x 155lbs guys around.

My wife and kids ignore my performance improvements, too, so you’ll always find an ally in me. My kids, 8/6/4, have a hard time comprehending how I can work so hard to ride only to have my best placing in a masters race at 3rd… But two of the kids don’t actually remember the last time I even pinned on a number, so there’s that.


:grinning: 3rd place - I can only dream of that … top third of the field for me. Masters (Veteran) races where I live in the UK are seriously competitive, but it doesn’t stop me trying to get better…

Sorry, I should have stated more clearly, it was CX, Cat 4/5 Over 35… and it was mostly because my rear derailleur lasted the whole race and several did not. Not masters open.


Still a good result :muscle:

A podium is a podium.

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It was indeed Lemond, but the quote is more correctly: “It doesn’t get any less painful, you just get faster”. The essence of the quote is really about the suffering which never ends ^_^.

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Cheers to that. Maybe we’ll be racing in the fall next year.

Well done, those are my objectives too, I was both as recent as July. Good luck!

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And you! hope we can both get back to our summer best sooner than later.

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31 y/o male. I started Trainer Road during the first lockdown here in the UK.

Had a couple of years of unstructured, social cycling under my belt but nothing remotely resembling ‘training’. Was always relatively active though and did some olympic lifting and running.

Mar 23 start of SSBLV1 - FTP 165 @77kg
May 5 start of SSBLV2 - FTP 190
Jun 22 start of GBLV - FTP 223
Jul 22 midway GBLV - FTP 226
Aug 27 Start of Olympic Tri Base LV - 287 @72kg
Oct 14 Start of Sprint Tri Build LV - 301 @74kg

There was a week’s cycling in the alps after low volume general build and I reintroduced twice weekly strength training on my return.

My adherence to the plans has been pretty good, but I struggle to get on the trainer more than twice a week due to other commitments/lack of motivation.

Currently have a half marathon in the diary for May 2021 and a sprint Tri in September. Would love to go sub 1:30 in both whilst continuing to increase by FTP.

I need to decide on how to structure my next chunk of training… so any and all thoughts on where to start/what to do next would be welcome.


140W increase in FTP in 7 months, off low volume training - wow, I’m more than a little jealous! Keep doing what you’re doing I’d say… if you feel that SSB worked for you, then cycle through base and build again?


How did you jump from 226 to 287 in one month? Something doesn’t add up. Did you change powermeters? Same testing protocol?