Your FTP improvements

Going for a ramp test today. Last one was in march so Im wondering how will this go. Current FTP was setted by trainingpeaks at 270 based on a virtualrace in may. Since then I’ve been doing a lot of endurance the last few months and no TR since april. I Guess I can only expect something close to 240w. Lets see…

Eveything I did was mid-volume. From my experience running helps a lot with the FTP increase, but as we’re both easily injured I think we both know what a pain a lot of running can be. From my experience previous year you cannot do your running too slow. In the morning at 7AM in the fitness, the last thing I want to do is do interval on a treadmill, so I just did very easy runs for months and it gave me the perfect base to start from by January/ February when it is time to start training for races.

What I do if I want to increase the volume, is keep the extra volume, but change the running into VERY easy cycling with the same duration. That way mentally it helps as I do the same training week time, but I recover my legs more. Not sure if it will work for you as I’m not a pro :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m really rooting for you! Don’t overthink it. Follow the plan and take enough rest. That’s what I found out after a year.


I’ve been doing most of my runs easy too, and it’s been great.

I’ll be rooting for you too. Good luck :grin:

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Just finished my ramp test… nice FTP increase from 230 watts to 255 watts. Super happy!


Well the expected drop wasnt so big. 256 for now. Lets see if I can get back on those FTP numbers from may.


small bump yesterday, but on the right side of 4w/kg again :slight_smile:

Date W/KG FTP Weight Watts gained W/KG gains Progress AFTER block:
9 dec. 2019 3,36 255 76 - - Outdoor
2 jan. 2020 3,45 262 76 7 0,09 1 month zwift
16 jan. 2020 3,53 268 76 6 0,08 SSBLV1-1
10 feb. 2020 3,72 279 75 11 0,19 SSBLV1-2
23 mrt. 2020 3,84 288 75 9 0,12 SSBLV2
20 apr. 2020 3,84 288 75 0 0,00 Build - Short Power Build LV
19 mei 2020 3,87 290 75 2 0,03 Switching plans (XCM - XC ST)
15 jun. 2020 3,93 295 75 5 0,07 Specialty - Short Track XC LV
21 jul. 2020 4,12 309 75 14 0,19 SSBLV1
1 sep. 2020 4,05 308 76 -1 -0,07 SSBLV2 with 2 week holiday
29 sep. 2020 3,96 297 75 -11 -0,09 Bad build block after holiday + cancelled A-Event (motivation :))
2 nov. 2020 4,01 301 75 4 0,05 SSBLV1

(ow, this is on LV+, which means doing some 75 or 90 minute workouts in stead of the 60s and some outdoor rides, sometimes replacing the weekend ride, sometimes in addition, on avg ~5 hr a week/ 300TSS)


I haven’t popped in here in a long while! 2020 has been interesting, I started the year at 295w for my FTP during SSB2 HV, which looking back upon might have been a bit overreaching, because I went on vacation in Feb and after I came back I really had to set my FTP to 275 for a bit to handle workouts. I did all my training indoors and just following TR base-build-1/2 specialty

March 3-April 19: custom vo2 progression plan, went from 275-285
April 21-July 12: SSB1 and 2 HV: 285w throughout
July 14-Sept 6: Short Power Build: 290w through build
Sept 8-Oct 4: CX specialty: 295w just did half the plan
Oct 6-Nov 1: zwift “race” season: 295w

I’ve been feeling good so I’m pushing to 300w for SSB1 HV, I’ve only done 2 workouts (Antelope and Geiger) but feeling good so far.


I’m a bit taller than you and currently at 85ish kg, I’m considering dropping to 75, any advice or tips ? :grin:

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As I understood, you are a rower? If that is the case, you are likely rather lean and have a muscular, yet heavy upper body?
Kind of sucks to get rid of muscle mass, but if you were to fully commit to cycling, dropping back on muscle mass in your upper body for the sake of lower weight might be worth it.
Depending on where you ride. If you right flat TTs, you do not need to be mega light. For mountain stages, upper body mass will be a hindrance.

Yeah, got plenty in the upper body, haven’t hit the gym whole year and yet it’s still there ahah

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Seem to be stuck at 207… granted over that past 2-3 months I had a lot of job stress and was not able to stay consistent with the training.

Weird thing is on my recent rides, I keep seeing new PRs and increases in speed.

So bright side, seems like I’m seeing improvements, but I’m not seeing it in my ramp test… Maybe it’s a mental thing with the ramp test.


Losing upper body mass obviously is a decision to make. It has its pros and cons.
To loose mass, muscle and fat, a caloric deficit will likely be the best way to go. I dropped around 800daily kcal from my powerlifting diet, most of that proteins, and then the added energy need from cycling 10 hours a week did the Rest.
Got me around 18kg down while becoming stronger on the bike (much weaker on the bench on other lifts of course).


For everyone outside of cycling, I just look weak and unfit now :joy:.
Also quite expensive to buy a lot of new clothing :tired_face:


How long did it take you? I’m in the same boat.

The images are around 2 years apart!

Edit: but I lost the weight within 1 year: I am
Super slender by nature. Getting wide (in comparison to now) took me a lot more effort than looking like stop hunger poster boy. :sweat_smile:

The only remorse I have about it, is dropping Top end power. After 2 months of cycling I hit a peak power of 1421 Watts… nowadays 1100 is a very rare sighting on my Wahoo…
Overall however, I gained 100+ Watts of my FTP and lost 40 pounds, so definitely a better cyclist now.


Good lord, ok, thanks. Long road ahead of me.

Damn man that’s huge loss, I’ll try, 800 is def a big deficit

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I’d try it gradually. Drop 200 or so kcal when you start, and then another 200 kcal daily after a few weeks to find your sweetspot to lose weight but not feel weak, and not have your body go into emergency mode.

The problem only cyclist would have :wink:


Before bed or after you wake up, whenever is more convenient, try getting 30min of light spinning in everyday. When I say light, I mean light. It shouldn’t feel like you’re doing much of anything. Those daily 30min and resulting caloric burn add up quickly.

Edit: I dropped from 88kg to 73kg in about a year once I stopped the gym. Running is what really wiped the upper body muscle mass out. While I’ve been steady at 73kg for quite sometime now, I’m not really watching what I eat. If I clean up my diet, I can probably get to 70kg quickly w/out any suffering.

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well I haven’t even gone a week in SSB1 and I’ve already increased my FTP to 305 from 300 and I’m almost feeling like I could go to 310 and be ok.

Reason being I had recently done some zwift racing and averaged 275 for an hour, so when it came time to go back on SSB1 HV and having intervals at 10-20mins this first week around 90% (which, for an FTP of 300w would be 270w), it didn’t seem like that would provide enough new stimulus to grow, considering my ability to do that for an hour already.

So I did Antelope yesterday based on 305w and Pettit today was super easy at 70%, but I’m going to get through maybe another week before I make any decisions on additional increase. Certainly don’t want to overdo it!

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