Your bike's (bikes' ;-)) Names

Just curious: what are your bikes’ names? How did you pick them?

I have a Bronco, a 20-year old Cannondale R600; dark blue; now permanently on the trainer after he threw me off.
I also have a Pegasus, a Specialized Amira.
My Arion, the Trek Procaliber 9.7 is what I rode at 24HOP and on whom I crashed (which ended the race). I will need to get a replacement frame for him unfortunately :cry: With the crash replacement discount I am now getting (just ordered yesterday) a Procaliber 9.8 SL.
The new bike will be Skyphios I think (another immortal horse from the Greek mythology). I can’t wait for him to get here!

I have a Scott CR-1, it’s named Scott.


My Canyon Strive is named Miss Candy.
My Norco Torrent HT1 is named Nymphy Nancy
My Mondraker Tracker RR is named Moody Monica
My Specialized Enduro Evo is named Eager Erin
My Giant TCR is named Tasty Tina
My Rocky Mountain Element is named Randy Rachel
My Tacx Neo is named Neurotic Ned

Hmmm… Writing them all down like that, something has become all too obvious…

I need another bike…


I call my tri bike Mjolnir because I hammer the bike leg (float, hammer and jog instead of swim, bike, run) :hammer: :smile:
My road bike goes by the name of Gomez since my wife has almost identical bike called Morticia and both of them being black make a nice Adams family :wink:


You’ll never guess the name of my custom Monster Cross bike…


Candice the Canyon (Ultimate SL 8.0 Di2)
Whitney the Whyte (29-CS Hardtail)
Penelope the Planet X (XLS CX)



Audax bike - Arborium Chirimo
Tourer - Lady Eleanor Glanville
Cargo Bike - Captain Beefheart
MTB - Asquith Xavier


Monster Crunch ? :smile:


Road Cervelo - Darling Nikki
Cross - Pretty Hate Machine
MTB - Alice Marcus

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Douglas, the ebike commuter machine
Endura, my Canyon Endurace CF SL 8.0
Kickr, my, erm…Kickr with Giant Yukon mountain bike attached.

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My Grandma was called Winifred Dinnage. I used the money she left me in her will to buy it. It is over 20 years old now. One day I will replace it, but I can’t bring myself to do it



I use the name Daenarys Targaryen on Strava for reasons of privacy. My bikes are named after her dragons, Drogon being my race bike, Viserion my TT bike, Rhaegal my CX bike, Balerion my FS MTB, Vhagar my HT MTB!

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Orbea Ordu tri bike - “Jet” (fast and black)
Orbea Avant road bike - “Ava” (obvious contraction of the model name)
90’s era Specialized Hardrock AX-FS - “Large Marge” (she’s a tank!)

Ava & Jet:

Large Marge:

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Trek Madone - Diablo
Specialized Shiv - Bullit
Premier Tactical - XWing


Specialized Camber 29er - Piper the Toilet Monster (what happens when you let your 10-year-old son name a bike…)


Our youngest son is almost 10. I can totally relate!

I’ve been known to compare my 2012 Felt B16 to Sir Paul McCartney. Well past its best, almost certainly due for retirement, but can still put on a damn good show when called on!


All my bikes have been named by my two young sons…so…

Road bike - Diego - named after tiger in Ice Age movies as it looked fast

Singlespeed- Frosty - as in frosty the snowman as it is white and is my ‘use and abuse’ bike to commute on in bad weather

TT bike - Treecko - named after some random Pokemon the boys liked and started with T for TT bike

CX bike - Silver fox - it’s silver and plays in the woods…also daddy’s hair isn’t as dark as it used to be!!!

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My road, tri, and gravel bikes have not been named, but the fixie is the “Bumble Bee” (no, it’s not very creative).
Taken 4yrs ago and the rims and chain don’t have quite the same shine :wink:

Specialized Tarmac is Wellington
Liv Avow is Ava
Liv Brava is Cora
Liv Hail is Miss Piggy
Liv Lust is Lusty Sweat Pea
Liv Obsess is O’Bessie
Kouta Kueen K is The Queen
Surly Pugsley is Fatty 2x4
FairDale is Grocery Go Getter
Ventanna Tandem is Snot Rocket
Co-Motion Tandem is Rolly
Titus FTM is Fat Frog

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