What's your "Quiver Killer?"

I’m happier than I’ve ever been with my bike setup right now, so at this point I’ve just been daydreaming about what my next bike will be. Aero bike? Comfort bike? Gravel bike?

Nah, I want a “quiver killer”—an n=1 ride. One bike to rule them all. From 700x28 to 650x2.1, something that can slay all roads. Stiff, fast, aero…all that.

Of course the common names are already on my mental list: 3T Exploro, Open U.P., and Cervelo Aspero. But I’m curious what else is out there that I may not know about.

If you were looking at (or if you already own!) a do-it-all machine, what would you buy? Does such a bike even exist?


Titanium Bike.

Moots or No 22.


Rose Backroad could be a nice option.

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Cervelo aspero. Set up with 50/34 and a rear 11/34. I can put 42cc tires on it and throw down on gravel, or throw a set of 5.6 enves on it, Quarq dzero and grx electronic make this bike perfect.

I have a 2018 propel with di2 and still choose the aspero most rides.


Wish I had sprung for the GRX electronic.

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BMC Roadmachine

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Ibis Hakka MX

Not a quiver killer, but certainly do not need a road bike any longer… I will keep the full suspension mountain bike.

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If I had no bikes and was buying a new bike today, I’d pick up an Ibis Hakka MX from jensonusa.

I don’t get the obsession with with ‘universal’ bike - feels like swapping wheels is a pain in the butt, plus if you have a road-specific and gravel-specific bikes, it should be easier to dial geometry a bit more too?
And you can use more appropriate gearing - easier, maybe 1x for the gravel, and 2x11 for the road, different handlebars etc, etc.
So unless you have a really tiny place/garage, I’d go for n+1


I’ve got an Open UP with 47mm WTB Horizons on 650Bs and 32mm GP5000s on 700s. I have a 42t Easton crank with an 11-42 in the back. I’d go for a 2x in the front though because I frequently spin out above 30mph.

That said, I feel like your quiver killer will depend on where you ride. My Open is great but if I were riding on 90% roads I would get something more road oriented like a Roubaix.

I’ll also add that my Open is great, but not optimal for anything other than gravel. If I’m riding 100% road, I’ll ride my Venge. If I’m on chunky stuff or singletrack I’ll ride my MTB. But if I only had to choose one bike I’d go with the Open since it’s most versatile.


IMHO my 2020 Trek Domane comes pretty darn close. Currently rolling on 32c Conti GP 5000’s and I can fit some meatier 38c gravel tires. It’s more aero than one might expect, and pretty smooth over rough roads. But then again, my old bike was an aluminum Fuji gravel bike.

A Moots Titanium Build or an Open Up / UPPER might be my dream, cost is no option build.


I’m not gonna argue that. My CAADX was my one and only bike for like 3 years and I started to see its n=1 limitations pretty quickly. I want a quiver killer AND all my other bikes, lol.

I make no sense to me either.


I second the Aspero. Sure there are more aero or lighter bikes out there but if you can live with a pretty damn aero rig that comes in a tick under 17lbs its really good at killing quivers. I’m running the axs mtb group on it wth a 48 chainring and 50t cassette. Works great on the top and bottom but the jumps are pretty awful in the middle of the cassette. Counting down the days till the 10-42 cassette becomes available (fingers crossed). I feel like that would close the book for me and I’d be happy on the road, in a paceline, on a 1x setup. Just my $.02


I have an Aspero and it’s feels plenty fast. A quiver killer I’m not sure. I need to put my road DT Swiss ERC wheels in it and see how it feels. I’m hard to put stock in a true “quiver killer” because my Cervelo R3 with my aero wheels and Di2 just feels way to snappy and fast to be pushed aside by something that may be can do 2 things kind of ok.

The Aspero geometry while racey still doesn’t feel as nice as my road bike. It’s great for gravel but I wouldn’t want it as a truE road bike.


FWIW - My Checkpoint on 30c G-One Speeds is just as fast as my Emonda with 25c GP5k. The Emonda is a bit lower and has a bit more aero wheels and bars. I probably have more PRs since I got the gravel bike on the gravel bike on my regular loop, despite the smaller gearing. They handle the same with the same wheels/tires on. The road bike rides a bit better.

Otherwise, instead of blowing all your cash on one bike, get a nice road bike and cheap used AL gravel bike. That way you can keep lower gearing on the gravel bike and it can be used as a rain/trainer bike too.

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ha, that’s basically my setup now. 2018 SuperSix Evo w/ ENVE 3.4s and Force 1 (50x11-36). CAADX for gravel/allroad/bad weather with Apex (44x11-40) and some Zipp 303 S on the way. I’ll run it with 32s most of the time.

Just bought an Open UP frameset this week! Gonna get it built up by the end of next week, so stoked! 42t 1x setup with an XTR Di2 rear mech paired with GRX di2 shifters. Thing is gonna rip!

If I was going one bike only, I would definitely run a 50x34 and 11-34 2x setup for sure.

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I couldn’t resist and pulled the trigger on the new Rose Backroad. I can report in a couple of weeks when it arrives if it is my quiver killer :wink: .

I really liked the design (personal preference obviously), integrated cable routing, weight, tyre clearance, mounting options and the value for money. If money would have been no deciding factor, I probably would have gotten an OPEN UP(PER) or WIDE.

I love that you can customize the setup. I ended up 1x with the GRX 810 model with some adjustments. 42t front ring, 650b wheels and 47mm WTB tyres, different handlebar and a redshift shockstop stem. The costs for the complete bike including the adjustments were ca. the same as the Open UP frameset only.

I have the same two bikes (Aspero and R3) and have started to upgrade my Aspero GRX 2x - getting ENVE Fundamental 45s for road/hard pack and keeping the stock Easton wheelset for real gravel with 40 mm tires. I am also changing out the stock alloy seat post to a carbon seat post to increase compliance and save a little more weight.

I then plan to evaluate whether the gravel gearing will really work well on road or if I need to change out the crankset as well.

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Honestly think if you just ride, any sort of gravel or cross bike will do for n=1. But if you race in any way seriously, the differences in geometry matter. You will never get a frame aero if it also has to take big tyres. You can’t have both a short and a long wheelbase at the same time. A dedicated TT frame just allows for a different position than just a change of bars and seatpost will do.

And obviously, if you ride MTB, you’ll need another bike…