Your best pre and post workout meals + timing (Duplicate)


As my hill climbing season finished yesterday and with my first TR plan looking large next week I want to really pay attention to my nutrition from now on. I feel it’s an area to make some free gains to improve my performance.

I work in an office, from 8am until 4pm, arriving home at 5pm (car commute = 1 hour), training will commence at 6pm. So let’s say for a workout of 60-90 minutes of higher TSS, so maybe 80+ what are you go to pre and post workout meals to ensure the session gets nailed and also recovered from? Information on timing would be good although I guess in general 2-3 hours prior to training is normally the way to go.


Hey Dave!

It looks like someone has already started a thread with this exact topic in the past.

We try to avoid duplication of threads to prevent redundancy, so I’d recommend commenting over on that thread to try to re-ignite the coversation.


You’re on the right track here. But may i suggest using Branch Chain Amino Acid supplement. They are really good post workout supplements.