Your best 1h ITT ride

Post your best ITT effort on TR. 60min steady pace.

It was 266 on Mar 28, 2018

My new target is 300W. Hopefully in 2021

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My best 60min power on a ITT was 247w (251w NP) just before my last chemo session last Sep (2019). I did the same course 44secs faster this year despite going the wrong way at the start (0.4mile more) for 23w less probably because I sat up less on the rough surface not having to protect a then permanent chemo catheter bruised wrist.


Thnx for the thread!

I did not mean to correlate tested/estimated FTP with the effort, just wanted to see if here are people doing similar efforts from time to time!?

The best effort in terms of power on a trainer or an actual ITT ride? I‘d argue that speed matters much more than power here…

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Yes but is close to some similiar topics that also are about 60 min power. Probably majority of people do this kind of efforts to establish/check their FTP.

Best effort on trainer in terms of power. Just the power. Actual ITT and speed depends much on other factors…

Best power depends on position though. My best power for 1hr on a TT bike is not nearly my best effort on a TT bike.
I have done very high power in a poor position (powerful, but not aero), which I wouldn’t consider a great TT effort…


Definitely; I ve seen that big time :+1: I was much more powerful 3years back before my bowel cancer op but I could never sustain a good position. Didn’t know why at the time but I now know it was the BC. I can now hold and I am getting pbs with less power.

This is my Best 1h from a few days ago. I did control it didn’t like to blow up. Probably did save a few % too much. But it was uphill Alp du Zwift so a blow-up would have been really bad. It was not a TT race but I. raced it as a TT
I am bad at the long stuff, and normally my cadence is higher I did stand up a lot on that one to get used to standing.
However, pleased with that PB is a PB