Year round subscription to TR, who's thinking of it or does it?

On year four of being a TR subscriber. Been an annual subscriber for most of that time.


I’m new to TR as well and an annual subscriber. In my case I was listening/watching the podcast for some time. When I finally realized I did not need to buy a smart trainer and could use my Quarq on the platform I signed on. So I guess bluetooth capability is what got me to buy in. Super impressed with the product, podcast and support!

I started the plan about this time last year and I became an annual subscriber pretty quickly. At the very least, I am doing the T, W, H rides on TR and then using the Sa/Su workouts as guidelines for most of my weekend rides. I love to ride outdoors (road, MTB, and recently gravel), but you can’t beat the gains you get from a structured TR plan. I also read the blog, listen to the weekly podcast (which has taught me SO much), and now use the calendar. Like others, I’d like something to show me similar graphs to the Training Peaks fitness, fatigue, and form. Then I could cancel Training Peaks. I’ve also gone to the free Strava from a paid account. All that to say I think TrainerRoad is EXCELLENT value for money. 5 stars for sure!

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I am an annual subscriber…for all of the value I get out of the platform, I’m happy to do my part to give them revenue predictability.

Plus, the cost savings on doing monthly and suspending/renewing is, like, less than half of a decent jersey.

To each his/her own, but I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth year round.

EDIT: Actually, if you cancel 3 months out of the year on a monthly plan, you will still pay $9 more per year than you will on an annual plan. I’m guessing this isn’t an accident :slight_smile:

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First time TR user – I signed up for an annual in September.

Not only for the training but all the junk (which I didn’t know was coming out!) like the calendar and this forum.
Previous to those I was all set to get a TP sub and troll the TR reddit, now I don’t have to. So right off the bat TR has saved me time and money.

Then there’s the non-tangibles or auxiliary benefits which these services provide. I can use the calendar to plan a lot of other stuff besides workouts, again, putting everything in one handy place (even though it may not yet be perfected). The forum has provided a wealth of of both knowledge and community. Last year I had nothing planned beyond my A Race and eventually I was left flapping in the wind. I was kind of headed down the same path but from reading and connecting on the forum, I now have goals into 2020 – and training plans to accomplish those goals.

Not bad for C$0.50/day.


Annual subscription here too. It just seemed to make sense at the time and I make use of some element of the platform year round. It’s not practical to get on the trainer every month but it does get used most months.

I agree, Stevemz: direct upload from wahoo would be nice. but if you can’t / don’t want to use strava, you can also use dropbox.

Interestingly I use Zwift as my entertainment. I am however, still in the honeymoon period with Zwift so I will have to see how that goes in the future.

Absolutely. Then I would give up my TodaysPlan and stick to only the one subscription.

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I’m an annual subscriber, just into my second year. I have stopped the auto renew on my TP account because with the TR calendar bringing in my strava rides it has all the data I need in one place. I like being an annual subscriber as I feel the platform is not only excellent but continues to strive to listen to its users to add features

Not just me who gets banished to the shed for turbo training then :grin:

I’m grandfathered at the old monthly rate so will just keep that going year round; I do all my planning in TR now, plus I find it’s handy to be able to use the FTP test in the summer, even if I’m not doing much indoor training.

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I joined the annual plan just before the price increase. I love that I can create my own training plans (with the guidance of the TR plans) using TRs massive library of workouts all in a very easy to use calendar. I’m loving this calendar

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Yearly sub here. Best value for sure. Generally, I also only use TR regularly during the winter / cold months which are about 6-7 months of the year. If I multiply the monthly rate times 7 it’s more expensive than leaving it run all year. And in the “outdoor” season I do resort to a indoor TR workout from time to time if weather is bad or something. Now with the new features like calendar and personal records, it makes even more sense to keep the year running. Those features alone, however wouldn’t be enough for me to justify the yearly subscription.
That said, I still have TP (free account) running as well. For total weekly TSS across all activities, run, strength etc and I use the hrTSS rTSS, as well, for reference. I use TP to track other metrics, weight, sleep, HRV and so forth. I use Elevate Extension for Chrome (formally Stravisitx) for fitness trend or fitness / freshness as i don’t need Strava premium. Hopefully TR be adding such features as time goes on, and one day I can have all my fitness data in one place.

Focusing on the Strava summit point. I don’t pay my £3.99 per month for the functionality that this gives me, like you say other packages are far better analytics wise. I pay the money as I feel they created something pretty special and it’s kind of my way of saying thanks for something I use. £3.99 seems a nice contribution if it helps develop the product.

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CTL is already the 6 week average that is displayed. @Nate has said they will be doing something different in regards to ATL/TSB - something that is easier to understand rather that lines on a chart.

Ah yes! I forgot about the Workout Creator!
Yet another bonus. Last season I tried to replicate TT race routes on the trainer, it was a lot of guess work. This season, I can look at power data from previous races and create workouts which will let me train the route at race pace.

In that case you should try BestBikeSplit :wink: Really cool site. You can load your TT route on there, then along with your personal/bike info it creates an ideal power plan based on the profile of the course (can even take wind direction into account). There’s an option on there to export to TrainerRoad. Fire up Workout Creator and voila, an accurate simulation of your TT course that will appear in your custom workouts. I did that for my local TT course a few weeks ago.

This TR vid explains part of the process:


See, I didn’t know that either!! :smile: I used BBS last year so my routes are already loaded & ready to go! Thanks! :+1:

Awesome. Just look out for the TrainerRoad option on the Race Details page.


It’s a 2 min job after getting the file.

I keep my subscription active all year. I do my plans indoors in the winter/spring and then go outside but I still do at least a couple TR indoor rides a month due to weather or working late even in the summer. And, I do TR workouts outside once a week or so in the summer too. I look at it like I am paying for access to the workouts and plans which is worth the subscription price. It’s 1/10th the minimum cost of hiring a coach. The value is there so I don’t mind paying for it, even if I am not using the app every day.