XPEDO M-Force 8-ti

Does anyone use them and how do they compare to XTR?

Yes, unless you are doing a Favero conversion stay XTR.

The weight savings is not worth it, the XTR pedals are just that much better with clip/release and feel in general.


I used two sets of XPedo MForce 8 this year (Ti and non), and before that an Assioma conversion. The Ti version are pretty light which is why I had them. I had the standards for every day riding so I’d be really familiar with them, and used the Ti just for the races that I did.

I am going to go back to XTR myself, might play around with Eggbeater, so I currently have both sets of XPedo for sale on PB right now. My biggest reason for it was I felt like they squeaked more, and I had a little big more trouble clipping in and out sometimes, for whatever reason they frequently weren’t just as “automatic” for me as the XTR. The weight weenie in me loves them though if you want to stay with a SPD cleat.

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