Shimano XT Vs Look X-Track Pedals

Subject says it all really, I’m in the market for new XC pedals and comparing XT to X-Track.

XT = $20 more and 20 grams less. Grams matter people. Grams matter!
X-Track = Look cool.

That’s about all I have right now, but if you have used both please let me know your preference


I’m a big fan of Look road pedals, they are bombproof. Don’t know about xtracks, but hope their the same. Having said that, I have XT M8000’s on both my XC mtb and Cyclocross bike, and I don’t think I would ever change - they are just reliable and take a beating. Plus there easy to service.

Just picked up some X-Track Race Carbon Ti and will report back. Coming from XTR 980 pedals that lasted 6 yrs. They’re finally getting past their service life and getting crunchy