Has anyone ever broken or bent a titanium pedal spindle while mountain biking?

As a former Clyde who has dropped a ton of weight, I was previously used to always being over the weight limit for weight weenie parts.

However, I’m now in a place where I can’t realistically drop much more weight without purposely reducing muscle, which I’m not willing to do for a number of reasons. I can reduce my wallet though :rofl:

At 71kg/156lb, I’m well under the weight limit for something like the M-Force 8 Ti and they are a good 115g lighter than my current XTR pedals.

That being said, pedal spindle breaks can be catastrophically bad when they happen and I’ll be racing XC and certainly riding hard, so I’m still a little wary.

Anyone broken a ti spindle who was under the weight limit? Or know someone who has?

I broke one.

In the 90s! Twas a set of Onza pedals, the ones that used elastomers for spring retention. Bent the spindle is more precise. I was 62kg at the time. Stood up on a hill and it felt like I rolled my ankle. Bent it just enough to be a PITA.

It all depends on design though. You can still have the strongest material in the universe fail if the design is inadequate.

Ti is usually used to save weight and will be made to the same sized as the steel versions. If you find reviews of the steel versions failing, I’d be weary of the Ti version.

To finish first, first you must finish. XT and XTR have proven their ability to work time and again. For a few grams, I would stick with them no matter what. You can likely find the same, or more, weight saving in shoes.


A friend of mine, who is about your weight, broke one. I think it was a crank bros pedal. He was unscathed, but yeah, I can imagine a number of ways it could turn out very badly. It didn’t happen from doing huge jumps either. He’s a very strong XC rider, holds a monopoly on local KOMs.

I went and did a quick look at about 20 different XC pros at the world tour level and most of them are using XTR with very few on ti spindles. I’ll prob just pick up a new set since mine are worn out.

I’m 190 pounds and road on crank brothers ti egg beaters for about 7 years. The clips eventually wore out and I couldn’t stay clipped in.