Favero Assioma MTB Hack - Xpedo CXR Pedals?

I have read through a good bit of the Assioma MTB Hack thread here, and watched @GPLama’s videos using MForce 4 and MForce 8 pedals for the swap. However, at present these two pedal models seem quite hard to find. Given this fact, are the other Xpedo MTB models (in particular, the CXR models) compatible with the Assioma spindles?


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CXRs should work I believe. A couple people in the thread you mentioned have used them. You won’t likely find the M-Force 4s anymore (that’s what I used) as they’ve been discontinued.

I’m pretty sure the CXR is what most of us used in the beginning of that thread. I certainly did. I found them very squeaky, but lots of others said they were not.



Thanks. Obviously, I should have read back through the thread again (it had been a while). Could have easily answered my own question. :man_facepalming:

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Glad to help. I figured a picture was worth a 1000 words in this case.

I’ve used a CXR with no problems.

Another CXR user here, I did have an odd issue when tightening the retaining bolt to 9NM where it just dug into the plastic power body (other pedal tightened up perfectly), so watch out you don’t go crazy on it there…