A Tale of Two Pedals, actually a question

Has anyone ridden both pedal types? Looking at the XT, the platform looks a bit bigger, which I think may be pretty nice. I have the XTR ones now.

Any thoughts or experiences?

i have the older versions of XTs and XTRs. With stiff CF soles you won’t really notice a difference. With softer soles you can feel the bigger platform. I prefer the XT. Its nothing like the larger platform on like the XTR trails though which is definitely noticeable and prevents from float

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I wear Sidis, so they are stiff Carbon. Even still, a little bit bigger platform wouldn’t hurt.
I have the trail version on my trail bike, and still wear the same shoes.


The cleat is still where the power gets transferred for the most part so if the sole of your CF shoe doesn’t touch the added machined areas it won’t change the feeling that much

I’ve had both. I couldn’t tell any difference at all in use. The XTRs fell apart, the XTs have been absolutely bombproof.

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Had both. No discernable difference. Carbon sole shoes. Only difference is weight (negligible) and I believe the bearing and/or bearing seal is better with the XTR