Xiaomi Mijia DC Frequency Conversion Floor Fan

Has anyone used this fan. It looks interesting especially as you can control it via app or voice. I already have 2 fans with remote switches but who doesn’t like a fan with tech.

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That’s some pretty sweet tech! It looks like a pretty small fan though unfortunately, it will be interesting to see if they release a larger, more industrial sized version.

Looking forward to hearing about those who may have tried this one out :slight_smile:

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If the pic in the review is what I think it is (a measurement of power consumption), 14.1 Watts on high is nowhere near strong enough for cooling on the bike.

The Lasko fans that have been talked about on this forum are usually 120W+.

And in addition to being low power, axial fans do not blow air in as concentrated a way as blower fans. Save your money, and buy another blower fan + remote switch instead.

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Don’t know a thing about this product, but I have two Xiaomi air filters and their updated robovac. They are surprisingly solid, well made and work as well or better than things I replaced.