So, Lasko fan for the US cyclists, Cleva for GB, but what fan for europe?

Hello all,

I am looking for fan recommendations. I find it a little bit difficult to know which ones to choose.

Usually i use this forum to find out, but all the recommendations are for lasko and cleva, which I have not found a way to get delivered to europe.

I know the wahoo headwind is good, but i just think the price is ridicouless, and will not pay that for a fan! (240euros)

Are there any europeans that can recommend a good solid fan?

Thank you!

The Headwind really is worth it :slight_smile:


Hi Kbonde,
I am in Germany and ordered a Cleva Vacmaster a year ago. Very happy. Not sure if Brexit made it more difficult to order from UK. They now offer a remote controlled version but it’s much more expensive. I use the standard variant and a Wifi switch. I was able to use a 10% discount code - trainerroad10. I don’t know if it still works.
Best regards, Klaus


Hi Klauskunath,
Thanks for the recommendation, but i think they stopped shipping them after covid and brexit regulations :frowning: they state this on their website

But… so much money for moving air :smiley: i am just to greedy for that

I thought that too and then I got one…


(I also have one, it gets the job done)

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I’ve had delivery of a cleava, via amazon here to Ireland. Obviously, no discount code available by this route.

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I found the Vacmaster on

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I ordered two vacmaster from Cleva directly to Switzerland. with the coupon code trainerroad10 I got 10% discount. Shipping was £10.

Now they even has some cardio specific bundles.

After Brexit, my orders from UK go thru customs, so I stopped ordering from UK directly. Rather they drill my knee than dealing with customs :smiley:

Welcome to Switzerland… It’s quite automated here and you get separate invoice from customs, but normally don’t need to “clear” anything at the border.

Maybe it’s different for the EU, because they are not well adapted to trade with non EU countries.

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The Vacmaster is indeed brilliant. Managed to get one before Xmas in the sale (BF I think).

Has anyone actually used setting 3 on these monsters though? I’m sure it’s all subjective, but indoor Threshold efforts never have me needing past level 1, and that’s waaaaay enough for me!

If I had any feedback on the Cardio, it would be that- for me, it could be re-calibrated to have #1 as much gentler output for warm-ups, and #2 as what is currently #1. Maybe ppl in hotter climes use #3 but i think that would take my breath away :laughing:

(oh, and just add some telescopic legs or something to fine-tune the angle, rather than having to use odds n’ sods to prop it in the right position).