XCM saddle question...to go for a Road saddle?

Just wondering what peoples thoughts are here.

I am doing a Gravel event (route) next month and treating like an XCM on the XC bike. I currently have Ergon SR10 Pro Sport saddle but looking to swap it out for my Bontrager Aeolus Elite road saddle which is more of an “aero road saddle” to help you open those hips.

The event is 50% road and I plan on using the TT position on the flat road sections.

Is there any advantage or disadvantage to using a road saddle on a XC bike?

I’ve used an Aeolus Elite saddle on an XC bike before.

It all really depends on your positioning on the bike. If you’re in an aggressive position (it sounds like you are) a road saddle could be a great choice.

MTB-specific saddles are most likely designed to be sat on in a different manner for trail riding, so in your case, I think a road saddle would be a great fit.

Once I found the saddle that worked well for me, I put it on almost all of the more aggressive bikes I had (road, gravel, XC) as I had a pretty similar position across those bikes.

Right now, while I do still have my Aeolus saddle, I’m actually using a Verse Short saddle on my XC bike and really like it. It’s comparable to the Aeolus, but ever so slightly less curved with just a little more padding. It’s a great sweet spot for XC bikes in my opinion. They do make a trail version too which is interesting.

It’s really only when you have a lot more weight on the rear end of the bike, that you’ll probably want a different saddle for more comfort. For those bikes, a trusty B17 can be nice!

Maybe a Prologo Dimension NDR or AGX?
If you want a firmer platform, Spec Power Expert Mirror
Any position saddle Brook C15 with the cutout

if we ignore tri saddles, I don’t understand why a saddle on a roadbike should be different form a saddle on a MTB? Sure, I wouldn’t opt for the Carbon rails on a mountainbike but the shape can and should fit to your bottom, regardless of the bike it’s attached to.

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Why not? I’ve been using a carbon railed saddle for 5+ years without issues on my MTB.

I have the same saddle on all my bikes. Gravel, mountain bike, indoor trainer, and my fat bike before I sold it.

WTB Volt Carbon.

Go with the saddle, you know and love.

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because it’s more expensive to replace the saddle when you crash. If you don’t crash, disregard this advice :smiley:

I feel like all I do is crash. Luckily though my body always protects my bikes.


THIS! This is what I am thinking…I have the same saddle on my Road bike, Turbo Bike and i did have a gravel bike but that’s now my XC ha