Multiple Accounts in Desktop App

Both my wife and I are using the same laptop for Trainerroad. My wife is using the TR Companion app and I am training with the regular app. With more and more features (like the calendar) coming to regular app, the old companion app feals a bit left behind. Will there be a way to switch between multiple accounts in the near future or is there a better way to train with different accounts on the same laptop?

Me and my wife share computer and trainer. We just log out / log in to our specific accounts.

@stekla79 has the right idea, @tofel. As of now, we don’t have plans to build a new Companion application, so simply switching between accounts when each of you ride is the best solution when using the same laptop.

TR works on a pretty wide range of platforms (OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android), so if you or you wife have another compatible device, you could each have your own device dedicated to TR.

Of course, if a single device between the two of you is the best fit, logging in/out of your profiles would be the best way for you to both benefit from the latest and greatest from us! :slight_smile:

Thank you, @Alex and @stekla79

But I tried to avoid this workaround since our passwords are 30 characters each (randomly generated). A simple click would be easier, than opening the password safe, search for the right account, copy the password, open TR, log off the old account, type in the email, paste in the password.

My simple thought was: handling two or more accounts instead of only one is not that different from the technological perspective.

A Bluetooth connection via our Android devices is not stable enough, our Windows-PC-Ant+ setup is rock solid though.

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Can’t you have separate accounts on the PC?
My wife and I each have our own logon on the PC, so our TrainerRoad (and all accounts on Chrome, for example) are personal.

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@jasonbrim Does this really work? I was trying this before, but after installing/starting TR on her Windows account, it logged straight into my TR account, so I thought changing the TR account would affect both.

@tofel Works fine for us. If I log out of “Jason”, and she logs on to “Wife” and then opens TrainerRoad, she is logged on as herself. (And has all her browsing history and passwords for looking up TrainerRoad workout information…or whatever she might do :thinking: )

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:joy: Thank you @jasonbrim

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I think TR needs to re-consider re-introducing the companion app or similar. My partner and I want to commence training together again and challenge each other while training. We only have one computer setup in our suffer cave.

Hey there!

While we do not have an official companion application anymore, we do have workarounds that will allow you to run two instances of TrainerRoad on the same computer:

For Mac:
The best option for Mac is to run the production application alongside the Beta application.

For PC:
It is not possible to run the Beta app and the production app simultaneously on PC, however, you can run the production app alongside one of the legacy versions of TrainerRoad. Reach out to Support Team at and we can send you the link :+1:.