Get the TrainerRoad forum on your phone as an app

Thought some other users might be interested to know you can get the TrainerRoad forum on your phone as an app.

I know not everyone will what to access the forum this way but some people might so thought I would share it.

Loving all the topics on the forum, much better than trawling bookface.


Thanks! I tried this earlier before your post and it didn’t work for some reason. Just tried it again and now it worked. Weird.

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Thanks! Worked like a charm.

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Thanks for the tip

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Thanks @ips20, Top tip :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip! After installing Discourse app on iOS, I was unable to login. My forum account was setup to use TrainerRoad as login (I did not create a separate login). Anyone else with this problem?

I used my TrainerRoad login for my forum login so didn’t have this problem.

Thanks for this!!!
Log in using TR account details

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I had no issues. But… I‘ve created a new login (with a different password) for the forum.

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Sure, but I did NOT create a new login for the forum. I chose the option of using TR Account, instead of creating a username/password for the forum.

If I attempt to login directly to forum with my TR username/password, it will not work (as expected). Therefore it appears my forum account is using singe sign-on (SSO), and that is not supported in Discourse app.

EDIT: on another thread someone mentioned forum authenticates to TR using oauth

Oh well, I’ll toss the Discourse app and go back to viewing on iPhone browser. The phone browser works well on this forum, so its not a big deal.

darn app hates me and keeps crashing

Is that on iOS or Android. I use iOS and seems to be fine.


I’ve tried discourse app, what’s The sense of using it if it is opening forum on internal browser? I’ve deleted this app

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Not sure what I am doing wrong but can’t get past this screen.

That’s Discord, TR uses Discourse, slight spelling difference.