WWDD - Disaster Day 2023!

It’s that time of year time to start getting ready for the fifth annual World Wide Disaster Day! We’re looking at 16 December 2023 for the official event, or thereabouts if you need an alternate day.

As in past years, we’ve had some amazing people contribute their time, talent, and ideas to make WWDD happen. If you’re willing to help contribute to the planning, organization, and communication for WWDD, please post here. Suggestions and ideas are always welcome, but many of them need leadership and support to happen. If you’re willing and able to help, please get in touch and we can get the ball rolling.

Charity. In previous years we had t-shirts for sale with all proceeds going to charity. Last year, the money was donated to World Bicycle Relief, but with the various situations around the world, we’re open to the possibility of supporting other charities if there is enough interest. We’re looking for someone to lead this effort.

In-Ride Communications. Last year we had a Discord channel for riders to talk to each other. The link no longer works so it would be appreciated if someone can setup another channel or something similar. (I’m Discord-challenged!)

Coordination Survey. We also had a survey last year to help with coordination. While the 2022 link still works, I’m unsure who gets the results or if it helped at all. Anyone interested in something similar can set it up.

We’ll update the links below as each gets established, along with other ideas to make this the best WWDD yet. In the meantime, happy riding, stay safe, and looking forward to everyone’s Disaster stories!

Charity: TBD

WWDD Discord Group: TBD

Event Survey: TBD


Interesting that Disaster now has a VO2 max workout level of 8.3, it didn’t use to have one at all.

Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 11.01.56 AM

I’m in for this year, but godspeed to all of us on the rest of our training plans after getting VO2 max up to 8.3 :woozy_face:


In. Look forward to ruining my self.


Did -2 last year, planning on -1 this year :slight_smile:


I don’t have anything plans on my calendar right now, any suggestions from the group for a plan to follow for the next 6-7 weeks to ‘prepare’ to do this?

My current progression levels:

My V02 dropped from 6.2 this week since I had not worked that system for a couple weeks. My ‘endurance’ is probably higher as my outdoor rides have been in zone and 3+ hours (I just don’t associate them with a TR workout as correctly as I could)

I have never done a WWDD but might try for -2 this year. I have never been on a Discord or done much of the tech side of things, but am quite happy to contribute by being a fiduciary for any funds folks may wish to raise, if that role isn’t spoken for. (Am an honest lawyer if nothing else.) @rkoswald Please let me know what this might entail. And thanks for kicking this off; I was very excited to see the post, albeit belatedly!

Ok but real talk: how is anyone completing the full version? I see 40 minutes of threshold riding after the warmup, so doesn’t that mean (assuming your FTP is correct) that you have like 20 minutes of threshold riding left in you, or some equivalent duration scaled up/down for the relative intensity? Just eyeballing the full version of the ride, it’s way more than 20 minutes after that point, at what strikes me as way more than “threshold level but stretched out” level of intensity. Does not compute. Are some of y’all just really fast at recovering during the rest intervals?

This is you guys.


I did it the first year, but as ever I’ll pencil in with acceptance that I’ll prioritise going outside with my pals over it, if weather allows.

@Leah_Pogoriler it is doable - obviously there are comfort breaks on a workout that long. “Fireworks” an absolute killer section though!


I did the full version last year. Honestly it wasn’t that bad. it felt like a typical 100k gravel race. tentatively “in” for this year


Fatigue resistance.

I did it last year with an FTP based off standard 20min test. It was difficult but doable. No breaks or time off the bike. I kept riding for another hour after of z2.

We did it as a group. I am the only one who’s main “discipline” is ultra-endurance riding. Only three others got to the end and they were destroyed. We all do similar weekly hours but I’m the only one who does rides longer than 3-4h with any regularity.

Threshold work is a relative weakness of mine and the 4x10min of it was honestly relatively straightforward. The “fireworks” part near the end was by far the most difficult part, but it’s only ~30min to get through.


I think I have to do my hair that day…and yes, I am bald.

:crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:


Yeah I’m definitely hearing a lot about Fireworks!

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I am in for my 3rd year of -1. Good luck everyone.


I’ve done it. Nutrition is the key


It gets real real at the fireworks


I did it in 2021. I did one of the minus versions a month before to get some experience with the format to help me plan for the full. The full was HARD. I watched a 3 hour action movie for distraction through the beginning and as others have said, it’s important to get your head in the right place, have your sugar topped up, and have some motivating music ready to go before the fireworks start. :fire:


It’s not THAT bad. :grimacing:

But really, you might try -1 or -2 a few weeks out to get a feel for it. But with proper eating, it’s painful, but achievable.

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agree. did the full last year. felt like a typical 100k gravel race effort. should have my new (velocity rocker) rocker board set up by then, so looking forward to it…in a sick, demented cyclist sort of way :rofl: Will have to do Sunday, as I work Saturdays, so I’ll come in “last”


Went early. This weekend was more conducive to getting this done than next - kiddo activities.

Fueled with a banana, two 1-liter bottles with 90+ grams of carbs and electrolytes each, and one gel. Felt pretty good throughout, but was very glad when the fireworks were done.