Wout van Aert 2022 TDF Performance

Hey…wouldja look at that? .95 of his 20 min power is 454…



YES! Wout for the win!

I honestly wonder if these power levels existed prior to EPO era. Has anyone ever published the FTP of say Lemond, Kelly?

SRM was invented in 1986. I know Lemond was using it. They also must have had ergometers in labs.

My 520W eyeball estimate is kinda ridiculous :grinning:, but if you look at the totality of his performance over that 3 week period, it is just mind blowing extraordinary (and not normal) in every way. The form he was on was remarkable. I’m gonna adjust my wild-azz guess. His tour FTP was 485.

For 3 weeks.

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Well some numbers during the EPO era are just pure madness.

Armstrong claims to have ridden up the Col de la Madone at 495w for 30 mins and 72kg.

Based on reverse W/kg based on how fast he went uphill he must have been putting out 530-540w for 30-40 minutes.
Just imagine riding upper zone 2 at 380w :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Only 990 watts for a minute, huh? Wake me up with he does 1000
(sarcasm of course)


Wout says otherwise. :crazy_face:

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Was it ever in question? :grinning:

Glorious finish and entertainment for racing fans - that’s the type of aggressive racing we want to see…

& I particularly liked how sour-faced Vingegaard* became that van Aert** hadn’t “waited for him” at the top of that climb.

* not a fan of
** BIG fan of


In TdF Unchained he gets called a motorbike by his DS.


1800w for a second is BS. He’s just not heavy enough. I don’t know about the rest, but that’s an error.

The torque you’re applying to the pedals is about the power number at 90rpm / 10 in pounds - just going by Quarqs numbers.

Also traction, you’d need to be bouncing around pretty hard at that weight to generate that number, even at high cadence- a road bike tire would be skipping around. This is on a trainer at best and that’s a ramping /sample rate error

No disrespect to Wout…. Just that data

EJ from NorCal Cycling 2 puts out 1700-1800w peak power and he’s something like 175lb (~79kg). While I might question those longer duration power numbers I don’t think that 1s power number is unreasonable.


1sec power is basically a “how much do you weigh” or “ how much can you fool your PM” test.

A big issue here is sample rate of the sensors. It’s easy to over extend your analysis beyond the sample rate of the sensor, so the softest needs to make up BS. For example, if you thing about motor racing below the top level, they’re using sample rates they give them 3-5 data points per corner- most of the detail is useless. Above that, you’re looking at 10x resolution, so it’s a good hint.

Did that just the other day.

I was on an ebike.


Are you saying that if we found any person weighing 100kg they could hit a higher 1 sec power than Wout, purely because they weigh more?

I don’t completely agree with that comment, however UCI coaches use 25W/kg standard for elite track sprinters:

Total leg muscle mass matters for sprinting and it’s not gravity.

90kg = 2250W sprint for elite track sprinters
80kg = 2000W sprint
70kg = 1750W
60kg = 1500W

There is a reason track sprinters tend to have huge leg muscles and it’s not gravity.


Yeah, his 1 sec power is very believable. I would have been surprised if it was only in the 1600s like me—a non-sprint-trained amateur who isn’t even lifting right now. Holding 1500 for 10 seconds is more impressive, and the 1 minute even more so.

The 1–3 second power represents that snap, that sudden burst, but it doesn’t win you the sprint by itself.

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Also, these numbers are only possible by people like me at cadences much higher than 90. I used to try and break the bike and couldn’t go above 1350-1450 on average. Then one day I was relaxed and spun up in the perfect gear and hit 1600. That was the aha moment. Now, it’s almost always about starting in the right gear and trying to calm down in the approach. It’s brilliant when it works.

My sprint numbers didn’t change between weighing 160 and my current 180. I was much fitter at 160 and did high resistance leg work. I’m heavier and have less muscle now. It’s all about that leg speed x power + the perfect gear.

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I really dont think so. I’m 185 lbs…and while lean, definitely not at all super skinny. 16-17% body fat. My lean mass is probably not dramatically different from wout, and I hit 1200 watts without training a sprint at all. I’m also not a pro, or even cat 3 lol. 1800 peak for any bigger rider with some pop in the pro peleton does not strike me as unusual in the slightest…

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