What's your fastest time up the Alpe du Zwift

I’m curious about how some people can have very different power profiles: I can do a steady climb quite well but i have the sprint of a 5 year old girl, for instance. So as a bit of fun it would be interesting to see what is the typical TR athlete’s fastest time up the Alpe du Zwift and what was your FTP or W/Kg at the time you did it?

I’ll start:
I did it recently in 43:54 @ 332W average. At the time my FTP was 317 @ 74Kg.

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Sounds like your FTP was higher than 317 at the time.


58:59 at 228w (97% of FTP then, 94% of FTP as tested 10 days later) at 70kg

46:39 at 314w. My FTP was 315w at the time. I just tried to hold my FTP as long as possible and that’s what happened. I believe I was 75.5kg.

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I just tried to check on strava and it looks like all my times have been wiped out (or the segment changed or something). I went under 50m in 2021 right before leadville. I can’t recall exact time but it was 305 watts at ~74kg. I think it was ~48minutes. It’s a solid route to do a fitness test and cofirm your ~1hour power.

41:25 at 397 W/85 kg which did hurt a lot. I had maybe the best legs of the season as I had break from hard training after the last race. Now I am a bit lighter, but I won’t try it before the season is done.

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I haven’t been up AdZ in nearly 3 years… maybe I’ll use next month’s free 25km and see where I land.

My time up the real AdH was 1:53, but I was doing touristy stuff along the way.

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52 minutes at roughly 250W, 66/67 KG.

59:40 but I’ve never done it not doing a TrainerRoad workout. I got this time doing Leconte which had a couple five minute rest intervals where you’re pretty much going nowhere.


I sometimes ride it during some endurance/tempo rides. I am to slow to make it <1:00:00.

i usually do alpe for long sweet spot efforts, recently did 276w for 49:48 as my best. @ryanppax get in here with your time and put us all to shame!

38:52, alternating between Z3 and Z5 → 31.0 km Ride Activity on September 30, 2022 by Etienne B. on Strava

FTP must have been around 370-380 watts at 69 kg.


Noys. Gone are the days of keeping it to yourself. I did it, I will talk about it.

I never done an isolated full gas Alpe. But we rode it as a part of FRR world tour series on Zwift. Best stage racing on Zwift. I expect it to get only more popular.
It was a time trial starting far from alpe so a 25min effort before hitting the climb.
39:57 340w(5.23) w at 65kg
Ftp was around 350w or 5.4 or so.


41:55 for 336w


41:44 322W - 16.2.20 FTP probably 310-315 at about 65-66kg.

I’d give my right arm for legs that good now. :joy:. I do think I could have got that under 40 minutes about 3-5 months later. I did 298w for two hours around that time.