Would I be more upgright on a Giant Revolt?

Compare: 2023 Giant Bicycles Revolt Advanced Pro 0 S - Long vs 2017 Eddy Merckx Mourenx 69 Base Small - Bike Insights,

I’ve been looking at getting a new bike. One of my main criteria is to be as upright/relaxed as possible whilst still riding a road bike.

I’m comparing my current bike to a Giant Revolt. The reach is similar (8mm diff) but the stack on the Revolt is so much higher. I’m trying to understand if I’d be more upright and less stretched out on the Revolt than my current bike?

Is the reach 8mm shorter? If you want upright and more relaxed, I would want it shorter as well as higher stack.

What’s the reason for wanting a more relaxed upright ride? I’ve noticed my more upright bikes sometimes feel disappointingly wandery and also put more pressure on the saddle.

The reach on the Giant is 8mm longer.

The reason is mostly for my neck. I find I’m just more comfortable in a more upright position.

I normally total up the reach and the stem length to give me an overall idea of where the bars will be. The revolt has a long reach for its size but shorter stems than a typical road bike.

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Bike Insights shows the stack to reach ratio, and the Revolt is much more upright. Also, I have a Revolt in case you have any questions.

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What are your thoughts @fasterthanever ??? I have recently bought a revolt and not sure I agree with all the rave reviews. Well, not the ones that claim it’s good on the road. Feels a bit wandery and vague leaning it over like you would a pure road bike???

That said though much better off-road on gravel.

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I like it so far, I built it up over the fall and winter. I have 35 GP5000 AS TRs that I’d like to try them with in road endurance mode, but right now they’re on 42mm (46.5 expanded) S-Works Pathfinder Pros. On the road in my gravel setup, I certainly wouldn’t say it’s an exciting bike to ride, but I am not expecting or asking that. It’s my first gravel bike and I don’t have MTB experience, so I can’t rightly compare it. I definitely bought it trusting others’ reviews.

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Would be interested to know how the 35mm tyres go! I am tempted but I have some 32mm Specialized Roubaix and they’re hateful sluggish things.

Mine is intended to go as a winter bike, and gravel in summer.

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@fasterthanever definitely want to hear what you have to say. I’m looking at the 2x configuration and will use it mainly on road. I don’t race, my primary concern is comfort.

I think the position is definitely very comfortable. I’m slammed on my road bike but not slammed on the Revolt even though the stack is much higher. If I’m going to aim for comfort, I figure might as well go all the way. I was going to try a double century with the 35mm tires later this month but I have a scheduling conflict so I’m looking for other events to try them with. Maybe a normal century with lots of climbing.

I have a 60 mile, 6500 ft climbing gravel event this weekend - my second event with the bike.


I also own a Revolt. It’s a great gravel bike if you’re focused on completing the ride feeling good vs. if you’re focused on speed. It definitely steers slow, to the point of feeling a little wide on switchbacks, but that also makes it feel more stable on gravel. Mine sits very upright and is slower on the road than I anticipated. I say all this to say I think if your number one concern is comfort, I think it’s great for that. If your number one concern is speed and/or just “feeling fast”, I’d look elsewhere. FWIW - I’m looking for a “do it all bike” right now, and I’m not considering my Revolt, but instead looking at bikes like the Aspero.

From all I know about the Aspero, that sounds like a good fit. A race bike with bigger tire clearance.

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