Help me find my Gravel Bike!

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I was just wondering if any of you know where/how I purchase the bike I want. :slight_smile: I have been wanting to buy a gravel bike (something like Trek Checkpoint SL5 or Liv Devote) for over two years but my size is just not available (52). Does anybody know where/when I can get one? Are there better options than the ones I listed? Unfortunately, cost have gone up quite a bit since I started looking at these bikes but I am hoping I can get something under $4K. Thank you!

Available now. Diverge Sport Carbon |


The Liv is the same as the Giant Revolt if you didn’t know

Since you’re looking for a. Smaller frame size, I think the Giant / Liv have a lower Standover height than the Trek.

The easiest way to find something in stock besides Giant/Liv/ Treks website is to get the UPC/EAN off a dealers website for the size / color and the search google, set the search filter for the last month; maybe do the same in images. I found a bike from a store that wasn’t even open yet with this method.

Bike Exchange works too.

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I bought my Revolt this way during the pandemic shortages. Went to the Giant website, found a shop that had it in stock, called the shop and gave them my credit card, and they shipped the bike to my LBS for assembly.

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Also, Aluminum version of the bikes here are just as good as the CF versions. They are high end AL vs basic carbon fiber frames.

On the Trek, they weigh the same. you lose the Iso thing, but a good flexy seat post (like Canyon/Ergon’s ) works better than the ISO thing. You also lost the clean cable routing and the downtube door. The downtube door and paintjob are probably the only reason to go CF.

The Giant/LIv had a D-Shaped post; the AL and CF versions should be good. The CF post is slightly better according to Tour Int and bikes weight difference is about 400gr (1lb)

Note Treks AL post is AWFUL for comfort; the Trek CF bikes post is probably also a super stiff CF wrapped AL post. Tour Int puts them in a test jig. For reference, a full suspension bike is about 40n/mm and the worst riding bike is about 250n/mm. As measured by Tour in these bikes:
Trek AL post 195n/mm
Trek CF post 90n/‘mm (old bike)
Giant AL 90n/mm
Giant CF 80n/mm
Canyon leaf spring post 63n/mm
(note: they may have changed their test recently, because some bikes are measuring 1/2 in the front and rear of what they had done prior. The rear may be believable in some cases, but a fork?)

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In our area, Ontario Canada I just go to the local bike shop that sells Trek and order the bike. They have been doing pre ordering since covid. There are more bikes coming in but sizing at times can be an issue. Currently delivery time is May for me on the bike I recently ordered.

What is Tour Int?

German bike nerd magazine

They do actual testing - like putting the frames in a test jig to measure their stiffness and put the bikes in a wind tunnels with a dummy on them.


Thank you for this information about AL versus CF. Definitely something to consider.