Bright coloured bike similar to Giant Revolt?

I’ve been looking around for a new bike. I mostly road ride and favour comfort over speed.

The Giant Revolt had caught my eye. I know it’s a gravel bike but the position seems pretty relaxed and I’ve seen many people say it’s perfectly fine on the road as well. I’d want one of the 2x models with a front derailleur.

The problem I’ve run into is colours - I like brightly coloured bikes. Think deep reds, oranges, lime greens, yellows. I definitely don’t want a black or a white bike. And unfortunately Giant’s colours seem to be very muted.

The nicest I could see is one of the older models: Revolt Advanced 3 (2022) | bike | Giant Bicycles UK

The problem with that model is that I don’t want Tiagra components - I don’t need the latest and greatest but my minimum bar is generally 105.

So, my question is, is there a model of bike that is similar to the Giant Revolt but in brighter colours?

Check out the colours in real life, not from a photo. Giant’s colours are much more vibrant than you would imagine


I was in a Giant store yesterday, can’t see a colour scheme I like either. They didn’t have the sapphire blue or terracotta, but they all were a lot more muted in real life. The sangria looks good online but not so in store.

What’s so great about 105? I haven’t used either as I’ve had campy for the last ten years. I’m thinking that tiagra is good enough?

This one was bright, and sparkly

Was the store dark? When I see giant bikes in sun light they really standout and become iridescent. My own gun metal black is one of the dullest but outdoors that changes but the other some of the other Giant’s is see on the road really stand out

Beautiful even on the photo but I think in real life it would look even better

I have Tiagra on one of my bikes and it’s fine. Wouldn’t say it’s noticeably different to ride than 105 except for one less click. The disc brakes on my Tiagra always felt better than two sets of 105 discs I’ve had, despite numerous bleeds trying to improve the 105.


There are sparkly ones like the orange one I linked, not sure which ones have that but yes I’d expect the dragonfly/iridescent ones arable in full sunlight.

Would someone better informed than me be able to tell me if this bike is theoretically upgradable to wireless (di2 or etap)?

I own that bike, I don’t know anything about DI2 (upgraded mine to SRAM) but in amungst the bits that come with the bike is a DI2 battery wedge for the DFUSE seatpost (with instructions)

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Went to view the bikes in the store and got this one :smile: The colours definitely look better in person!


Did you look at LIv? Same bike, but they usually have more interesting colors.
Trek/Orbea/Ribble(?)/Ridley(?) - paint to spec bikes.
Custom paint