Giant launches updated Revolt

Whoa baby…an 80mm BB drop!!! Somebody hold me…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Interesting that while they lengthened the top tube and went with a shorter stem, they also steepened the HT angle and reduced trail, going the opposite direction of most gravel bikes right now.

Was already a fan overall of the Revolt design, but this is a nice update.


Going back to the value of electronic vs. mechanical, choose your fighter…

  • Revolt Advanced 1 w/ Rival AXS $3900
  • Revolt Advanced 0 w/ GRX 800 $4200

The Advanced Pro 1 w/ Rival AXS for $5K seems like a stretch for that grouppo…

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This is a mistake probably:
The range here is a little bit different.

So only version with rival is 3900 usd also on giant website.

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Yeah, the CT article says the Advanced Pro 1 is GRX800 also…so upgrading the frame from the Advanced 0 to the Advanced Pro (plus some better bits and wheels) for $800.

Revolt Advanced Pro 1: Shimano GRX 800 2×11 mechanical groupset, Giant CXR 2 Carbon Disc wheelset; US$5,000

On their US site they have the Revolt Advanced Pro 1 with 2x12 Rival AXS for $5000.

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And 53mm tire clearance??? And a dropper??? Omg this is amazing.

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I’m really interested in this bike. Need to upgrade my old TCX SX.

I have a 2020 Revolt Advanced now - really enjoy it as it’s a pretty “vanilla” gravel bike.
Doesnt stray too far into trying to be a race gravel bike, or a backpacking gravel bike, or a MTB type gravel bike

This new 2022 seems to mostly be continuing that trend which is good IMO.

Liv has had similar features on their Devote for a while now, I assume it’s just a natural extension of development timelines etc.

The new type of more modern gravel geometry seems to make figuring out sizing without test rides quite difficult.

I do wish my bike had the new seat tube/clamp design though - would be nice to be able to run it in round mode with a Canyon S25.

Yup I have the same bike and that’s exactly why I like it. I have a road bike and a MTB so I don’t need another version of that. It does it’s intended purpose really well without anything crazy (other than maybe the D-shaped seatpost). I think they say this in the Cycling Tips review but it might not be the flashiest gravel bike from a marketing purpose but it is an amazing bike and it’s reasonably priced.

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Hows it stack up to your Aspero

Can anyone have a look at the sizing for me. I’ve input the sizes into geometry geeks,
I currently ride a Cervelo S3 size 56, zero stack, seat is as far forward as possible.

I had a professional fit who recommended the crux 2022 size 54 with 20mm headset spacers.

My question is in the Revolt does the size Medium look to be comparable, (although it has a much shorter stem).

I’m just worried about toe overlap!

1st question - why are you using a road bike to compare against for a gravel bike?

Also, how tall are you?

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As a point of reference for a bike that has been fitted to me.

I’m 180, 86.5cm inseam.

OK, but realize that the geometry philosophy is very different between the S3 and the other 2. The two gravel bikes are designed to have a longer frame reach and shorter stem than your road bike. If you are just roughly matching your existing geometry, I think you are shortchanging the design concepts of the gravel bikes.

My gut reaction is that the gravel bikes are too small for you….maybe we can get @mcneese.chad to weigh in.

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Thank you for the input.I think this might be a shortfall in a lot of bike fitters not quite upto speed with Gravel bike geometry.

For reference I had a physio bike bit on the S3 who changed my seatpost to zero offset to bring me forward.

Retul fit for the Crux, who said I would be happy on 54 or 56.

On the revolt I would certainly need a longer Stem, I felt like the ML might have to high of a Stack.

But how all this translates to gravel🤯.

I’m buying predominately for 5-6hr gravel races. Rolling fast terrain, not technical.

Can you send your fitter the bikes and ask which is better for you?

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So just for an anecdotal reference. I’m 6ft (~182cm) and bought a 2020 ML Giant Revolt last year (The 2020 geo is a bit different from 2022 but close enough for comparison). The gravel around me is basically just dirty road with rolling hills so I wanted an aggressive fit for racing. To get it similar to my road bike I had to put a 120mm -25deg stem with one spacer underneath. The stack height is particularly high on it as far as racing geos go and because of the increased bb drop of the 2022 the stack is even higher.

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Just getting to a point where I can look at this today. I will try to reply back in the next 4 hours (around lunch).

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