Giant revolt advanced 2

I am thinking of buying the giant revolt advanced 2 as a 2nd bike to my specialised ruby which I love. I live in the uk and often do rides which include some tracks around fields , soil and stone, stony tracks and tarmac. I am looking for comfort on tracks and speed on tarmac sections. Any experiences / recommendations very welcome.

I have the Revolt Advanced Pro and really happy with it. I ride it mostly on gravel. My longest ride so far has been 7 hours and I was still comfortable as you can be after 7 hours in the saddle. For a gravel bike it moves pretty fast. I think it good value for the money.

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+1 - Love my 2019 Advanced Pro 2! Awesome bike for the ones and, if your so inclined, great upgrade potential.


Let me add some more:

  • I think it’s a perfect bike for what you describe.
  • I’ve been using mine lately mainly for roads but last year did a ride that was on Gravel Roads, Singletrack, across a grassy field and it’s perfect.
  • I lived in Ireland and think this would also be a great winter bike.
  • the only minor complaint people seem to have has been freakin which usually just requires a seat post tightening.
  • it currently my only road bike so I’ve put ‘slicker’ tires on it. It’s not a race bike but it’s a capable all day ride.

Try not to get a 2019 model with the conduct brake system. The later models went to full 105 hydraulic brakes which just makes the bike lighter, look better, and ultimately more serviceable. If you do get a 2019 you can either keep the brakes or budget about £400 for new calipers and new brake shifters.

Buy it - you won’t be disappointed!

Love my Giant Revolt Advanced 2. I’ve made some pretty substantial upgrades on it but it was terrific even before that. Very comfortable and very capable bike in all conditions.

Thanks for all that detailed info. I would buy the 2020 model with 105 hydraulic brakes. I will be using it for day long rides in the summer and also with mudguards as a winter bike. So it sounds perfect for me. Thanks again.

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Thanks for that. Confirms my thoughts.

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