Worth upgrading new Time machine wheels to Enve?

Hey all, after much debate and some help from forum users I decided on a new BMC road machine…and then a time machine became available yesterday through my team, so I jumped on it and ordered it immediately.
It comes with generic/proprietary wheels that are effectively rebrands of DT Swiss. The other version of the Time has Enve 5.6, but that version was completely sold out.
That being said, Enve has a trade in/upgrade program where you trade in your wheels and pay the difference for their set.
The stock wheels are quite good despite being rebranded. If it was a straight trade I would not consider it, but the enve 8s (forget the exact name) are the same price as the 5.6s. and this bike is an aero-focuses flat terrain build (since I have a light weight climbing bike).
Can anyone make a case for why it would be a good idea to pay extra for the Enves, or should I stick with the stock wheels? Let’s assume I theoretically could pay the difference, but it would be a stretch. I’m just wondering from those that have ridden them of they would be worth the financial stretch or not.
Thanks in advance!