Anyone tried Enve's Foundation 65s?

I finally just ordered a brand new BMC time machine road. I want to upgrade to some slightly deeper dish wheels for flat races. I saw that enve offers a lower price 65 depth wheelset. Has anyone on the forum here ridden them? and more specifically, does anyone know how they compare to the 5.6 or the 7.8 of the top tier Wheels they offer?
I am curious if it would be an actual upgrade to buy the lower end wheels, or if I would need to go for the full fat set. Cheers!

Several mentions in the original thread:

I am tempted to merge this in there, but will see if the above helps first.

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Thanks for that. Some good info there I will look through.
the specific wheels that come on the bike are some sort of In-House DT Swiss based Wheels. I’m wondering if in this specific instance the foundations would be an upgrade, downgrade, or pretty neutral. The BMC website doesn’t say much about what they actually are.

I’ve posted in the other thread but the Foundation 65s are very, very good. They have reviewed well and performance is very close to Enve’s premium wheels.


I doubt they’ll be a downgrade, provided their depths are actually significantly different from one another. Judging by the picture, I’d say they are at least 45 mm deep, perhaps a bit deeper. So I’d try to find out their true depth first and then see.

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I think they are 45s. The 65s would really be nice for flat races, so that’s an added bonus towards the Enve. But I’m not sure about hubs/bearings. If the others are DT Swiss, how do the two brands compare? Anyone have a link to a YT video or article about hubs and rolling resistance by chance?

I wouldn’t worry about that, Enve kit is top drawer stuff. My comment regarding the depth was just a question whether the wheels are different enough for it to be worth it. 45s vs. 65s IMHO is different enough, though. My new bike will have 45 mm deep wheels, that seems to be the goldilocks depth these days.

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I’d agree, but I have a light weight scott with rim breaks and 40s for windy and steep days, so I need to move away from sweet spot and into focused kit. Otherwise I’d agree that 45s are pretty close to the “one depth to rule them all” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: good to hear about the internals, too. I appreciate it!