World Masters Cyclo X

Amazing event ,I came home with the Silver medal this year!
FTP 15w higher than last year , I felt up for defending my last years win.
Whereas last year was too easy a win ,this year was a great battle with Nicola Davies, a new O/65.
I decided to do a MVdP and open a gap to distance myself from the field .
Sadly (I’m not MVdP) and the gap slowly closed and we were back together.
A mistake at the planks cost me the race and I couldn’t close the gap on dying legs!

On my post race analysis, I think I made a few errors.I shouldn’t have tried to open a big gap, and burn too many matches.
I had a good change of pace and good technical skills, but seemed to be lacking in holding a steady z4-5 pace towards the end, which Nicola did.

It was a bit of a “Time triallers” course and I wonder If I should have focussed more on longer intervals (eg 20 minutes ) at threshold or just above in my build up to the event?


Congrats, Lydia…superb effort and result!!!

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