World Masters CX Champs; who's going?

Anyone on here going?
My entry has been accepted, so I’ll be there.My race (0 65) is on the Friday.
do come and say Hi if you are going.
I will be in VC Venta kit


I’m not going, but best of luck from a fellow VC Venta club rider :+1:t2::smiley:

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SO AWESOME, Lydia!!! Best of luck!


Thankyou Ivy, I’ll let you know how it goes, :biking_woman::biking_woman::biking_woman:

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I hope to be there watching!

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unfortunately no :disappointed_relieved:
Good luck and much fun to all who are going

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:cry:Shame it’s not going to be televised on GCN+ . We might be slower than the Elites, but we’re deadly competitive! and probably more entertaining

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:+1:Malcolm and me racing on the Friday, not sure who else is riding, maybe in the younger age cats

@Lydiagould best of luck to you and Malcolm today. Hope you both enjoy and do well


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Many congratulations to @Lydiagould who was successful today in winning her second UCI Masters Cyclo-Cross World Championships (this time in V65 category).

You’ve made Velo Club Venta really proud! :muscle:t2:

Rainbow jersey in the bag! :rainbow: :mountain_biking_woman:


@IvyAudrain something to definitely celebrate; having a genuine UCI world champion rainbow jersey won by a TR user / forum member :muscle:t2:


Congrats @Lydiagould :tada: :partying_face: :champagne:

LOL can I take some coaching credit? I’ll be accepting athletes next week :joy:

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Well done Lydia. Top job!


So stoked! We featured @Lydiagould on our Instagram today! Way to go, Lydia!!! :metal::rainbow:


Thankyou Ivy, It was an amazing day and great to see so many women out racing.
I watched you racing on GCN +,! Well done and good luck for the rest of the season​:four_leaf_clover::crossed_fingers::biking_woman:


I didn’t even realize this was on until I saw this coverage after the fact. Looked like a fun day!


More here too: Ipswich hosts international field for cyclo-cross championships - BBC News

It was really a week-long affair - the course was used for our local Eastern England CX league regional champs the weekend before, then the World Masters on Friday and Saturday, then an informal support race on Sunday too. The good news is that the World Masters are back in Ipswich again next year too.


My thanks to all those who helped make this such a wonderful weekend of top quality racing!
I havent experienced anything like this since Belcium 20 years ago! I think we did it better !!
The only difference, where was the beer tent??

I live about 20 minutes from the venue and had been planning to go and watch for months, but then a family thing popped up and there was a Christmas event nearby (Santa and elves rowing up the river!) so I never got to go :sob:

Very glad to hear it will be back next year though :joy:

Aw, shame you couldnt go. Did you miss your race?
It was a fantastic day out, but your family probaly enjoyed Santa much more :grin: :snowman_with_snow: