Workouts with no power data

Hi all, I am on vacation which I had planned as a vacation week not knowing what type of facilities would be available. I had a really hard 2 weeks moving into vacation so figured best case I would do a rest week worse case I wouldn’t ride. Turns out I have a good selection of spin bikes and I was able to create my own rest week using the workouts as a way to track HR and HR as a way to stay close to target. It has worked out great, but when I complete the workout it shows as completed, uploads to Strava as completed, but does not survey as completed (asks why I didn’t finish, which I answer equipment). It also gives me no TSS. Is there a way to fix this and get “credit” for the workouts towards my progression OR at a minimum manually enter TSS for the week?

These articles that might help:

You may be best to contact for direct help with this. But aside from that, are you actually completing TR workouts on the app?

Thanks! Yes I am using the app and just doing the workout without power and HR only. It just plays through and I adjust the effort on the bike using my HR as feedback. Just basic workouts where PE and HR should be close.

Then I guess I would expect the HR related aspect to work above, so could be worth a message to support to see what if anything is missing or off here.

I just tried and it seems to only be available with outdoor rides. Not sure why because to me this would be a good feature for situations like this. I am off to do fun stuff, but will message support to see if there is another way to get it added.

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This is an active feature request to have HR data only for indoor workouts as well. Sorry for the trouble, I hope we can incorporate this soon!


exact same situation. used spin bike for prescribed workout (unpaired w/ phone); completed workouts, but no “how hard was this” survey; instead I got “why didn’t you finish, you worthless slacker” survey. I just entered it as “other workout” and fiddled with the intensity level until the TSS matched the actual workout. I want my credit!!

Your program is great and you are doing a great job with updates and improvements so no need to apologize! Just because it doesn’t show up on my TSS doesn’t mean it didn’t happen :smile:. It is a good tool for situations like this though, so adding that feature will be nice!