Workouts off line

Is it possible to complete a workout off line, say download to my Mac and and complete as I don’t always have power.

Yes sir. Connection is only needed later to upload to the web for your career

Chad , I have the workout in my diary, how do I then do the workout off line I’m guessing I download it in some way but cannot find how to o this

You shouldn’t need access, because the workouts should already be downloaded.

Test by disconnecting your web access and launch the app. Should be able to run the workout without any extra steps.

I can confirm that this does work, I used to use it all the time until very recently. The calendar needs to have internet to update itself, but if you’re not changing your calendar around then it should be right. When you start up TR off line it just goes to the day and you can just start the workout from there. It stores the data once the workout is complete and then if you’re in the App (iOS) it auto uploads when it next detects internet, For the Mac app I usually have to use the ‘re-sync ride’ option to push it up once I have connectivity again.

Before I set up wifi in workout area I used to start up TR in the house and load the workout (usually night before for early morning workouts) and then it is ready to go even if you’re off line.

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