Workouts not showing up on connect

Any tricks on getting the outdoor workout to show up on garmin connect quicker? Yesterday it was there almost instantly. Decided to go outside tonight but now I’m waiting on it! I’ve tried reauthorizing garmin, disconnecting and reconnecting, force closing garmin, copying the workout to tomorrow and Sunday, and it won’t show up at all. Had zero issues yesterday.

Are you sure it is marked as an outside ride? That was my issue

Hey @Jpotts0308,

Sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling to get your outside workouts up and running properly. This article should cover all of the necessary steps to get your Garmin head unit set up and ready for outside workouts:

If you’ve covered all the steps and you’re still having trouble pushing the workout, please let me know here, or shoot our Support Team an email at :+1:.

Yes it was. They showed up this morning though

My problem the workouts loading on my Garmin 1030 are intermittent. On one day I turn on my Garmin and I get the prompt to Review. On the next time, I have workout on the TR Calendar and I don’t get the prompt to Review, on my iphone Garmin Connect app I can see the workout on the GC Calendar. So I do a normal ride and at the finish I save the ride and it uploads to GC and Strava. Then I get the prompt to Review. I have been getting this behavior for the last 2 months. I tried re-doing the steps “Pushing an Outside Workout to Garmin” but the same results.

I’m sorry to hear that @larrybike.

Our Support Team is going to be your best resource for this since they have the experience and access needed to track down these types of issues. You can reach them at :+1:

Thanks for your patience with this issue, the team will work to get you sorted out as quickly as we can.