Workouts not recommended in Adaptive Training

I’ve missed a days of riding and now my workout today says not recommended. Should I go to the Train Now and choose the recommended time me for the day? There are a few that say not recommended.


Train Now and the recommended work out would work fine, or choose the “achievable” or “productive” version of what was originally planned.


It’s easier to just select an alternative in the app. It gives you workouts that target the same energy systems. Select achievable or productive and you’ll find suited workouts.
Or, depending on how you feel, you could just see how it goes and adjust after that. If you’ve only missed a couple of days, you should be good.


I have had the same text & there is an issue with AT & your account. You should contact TR support & they will help you out! That is assuming your in AT Beta. Either way, I’d contact support about it.

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I also just received a not recommended workout on my adaptive training plan. Never seen it before and am not sure why it would be there with adaptive training. Reached out to support, let’s see.

Having the same issue, AT recommends me a workout which is marked as “Not Recommeded”. Go figure… sent a request to customer support.

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