Workouts include an option if you want sprint at end of interval

Yesterday I was doing Eclipse -3 workout and in the last interval at the end I wanted to have a 10 sec or 15 sec sprint as happen criterium races.

As I was doing the workout in my iphone it was very tricky to change from erg mode to resistance mode, then I though that it would be cool if the app ask before the interval end if you want to sprint.

i would like to know your thoughts.

You could shift up a few gears and sprint. I can usually get ahead of the erg mode a bit when I do this.

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Yup, just grab a gear or two and get ahead of ERG mode, then spin up just like outside.

My other alternative is to slow my cadence a bit (85-90 compared to my usual 95+) and spin up to 120+ in the final 10-15 seconds.

Both methods work fine with no need to app adjustment.

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I appreciate both of your comments, that are a very good idea.

But what I mean is the app send a message at 1 min to finish a message pop out with this:

1st Message
2nd Message
3rd Message

Sounds like a good way to ruin a calculated multi-week plan?

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I know what you are asking, via an app option (like the extended warmup/cooldown).

I made my suggestion because I don’t think an “in app” option makes sense. As drkpolo said, this is essentially an unscheduled increase in stress that may be counter to the plan. Offering this up in any/all workouts could very well lead to derailment.

Not to mention that I question how many users actually would employ this to good effect. Essentially, this seems like an edge case that would not justify the time and money to put into effect.

So, I made my suggestion as a work around, as I expect this won’t happen, and even if it did, it would likely be months out in the best case scenario.

I think there should be a popup that says, “You’re headed for derailment!” or “Derailment Impending” :joy: