Sprint ERG Disable Option

Did my first sprint intervals on TR recently and found that my trainer (elite direto) decreases the command resistance once I overshoot the target but it decreases too much so I have trouble maintaining the power. It would be helpful if ERG could be temporarily disabled such that the resistance stays the same for short intervals (< 1 min?). That way I don’t feel like I immediately hit a downhill right when my legs start to engage.


You can do this now by toggling with the ‘T’ key!

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You are correct, however if you are using a phone then this is a bit harder especially if your sweat gets in the way of touching the screen.

Automating this would allow for better mental and gear perpetrating for a sprint.

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Ahh got it, so you’d like an auto-swap of modes for each sprint interval. Would likely be tricky on the internal-side, but request received for sure!


It would likely be a bit tricky, but those are the fun things to solve. I would think of it in the following way:

Sprint_time = user_selected
If upcoming_interval_time < sprint_time and current_interval_time < switch_time_2_erg_off then
Turn off erg

Not the most practical solution but I solved this by selling my Elite trainer :upside_down_face: