Automatic ERG to Resistance Mode Change (Feature Request)

@furiousferret had an interesting suggestion in a different thread:

IMO, there’s needs to be a hybrid mode, where its ERG at Zone 5 and Below, and Resistance over. (Hint

  • Would it be possible & practical to have a “Hybrid” or “Blended” trainer mode that acts in ERG mode below a certain interval intensity, then switches to Resistance mode above that intensity?

  • Alternatively, it might make sense to have the trigger set based on a time duration. Swap from ERG to Resistance when the work intervals are less than something like 30 seconds.

The unspoken, and driving reason is the typical response time for a smart controlled trainer. That is a range of a few seconds to more in some cases, and that can be one reason that ERG is not ideal for the shorter intervals.

  • Additionally, there are issues with large jumps in resistance in some workouts. As such, shifting the gears on the bike in Resistance mode, is often a better solution.

I know it would take some new programming, and determining exactly when the mode would switch and reset will take some discussion and planning.

  • The current 8 and 20 minute FTP tests do this, but they are swapped based on a time in the workout, not pure intensity.

  • It would also be interesting when looking at work / recovery intervals that are short and/or very large jumps. We might need to set a time threshold where this hybrid mode would activate.

Anyway, I know the devil is in the details, but I think there is something in the concept.


Hopefully you guys can do this, I think its really beneficial to most riders; during workouts when you are gassed or the interval is simply too hard, ERG mode becomes a major liability once your legs give out.

I also think from a training perspective those sprints are done better in resistance. For most of us to hit those numbers we have to hit a certain high cadence and ERG prevents that.

I know for me being so stubborn when I can’t hit those intervals (and having zero sprint) I tend to keep grinding even when its down to the 30 rpm; I know I shouldn’t and I could get hurt but I do it anyway. I’m sure I’m far from alone.