Feature Request - On Demand Short Sprint

It would be cool if the long endurance rides had a sprint button. You press it. You get a countdown from 5. Then you get a 15 second sprint at 125% or so. It would be nice for giving the rear a rest, waking up the muscles, stretching out the back, etc.

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I like the idea of this but the execution would go against the TR UI model. Think about all of the variables you would have to account for. How long is the sprint? How hard? etc.

Rather, if you are on erg mode I recommend just shifting to a harder gear quickly and sprint until the resistance catches up. Does a similar sort of thing. Or, start doing your recovery rides in standard or slope modes!

Hey Jared!! It’s good to see you around these parts. :wink:

I’m not sure this is something we’d work on anytime soon, but I wanted to offer up some suggestions to solve the problem this would address. @Jayacher already hit the nail on the head about sprinting in ERG mode on the trainer, it’s a good way to wake up the muscles and do a bit of stretching, all while being limited to the power zone/level that is intended in the workout. If you train on a computer, you can switch a smart trainer into Standard or Resistance mode right from the ride window.

Lastly, take a look at some of the endurance rides like Pettit +1, these have short spikes built in to accomplish exactly what you mentioned:

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Looky, looky, another unintended hint of things to come (we have already seen these in Nate’s post a while ago, but cool to see it again).

New (from Larry):

Current/Old (from me):


Looks like they’re just getting away from licensing IF from the TrainingPeaks group.

That may well be a part of it, but I suspect that it will go well beyond “naming” and move into application of training workouts/plans.

125% isn’t a sprint

Yeah, those pettit intervals are what made me think of it. It would just be nice to be able to hit a button and get it whenever you want.

I struggle with working in the resistance or standard mode. I think its cause my trainer mule is an old HT MTB with a 32 on the front. Seems like you need a bigger chain ring to work in Standard or resistance. It would be easier if you could just hit the button and throw down a Pettit sprint.

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You never miss anything! :wink: :mag:

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Yeah, I see what you’re saying. If your gearing is a little on the lower side, you can increase the Standard and Resistance mode levels to something a little higher than their default setting.

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@mcneese.chad What dos INT mean?

My guess is Intensity (ie. renaming IF - Intensity Factor)?

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I suspect @LukeKendall is right.

An alternate idea might be ‘Intermediate’, if they are using text (along with the colored circle) to indicate workout difficulty.

Green = Easy
Yellow = Intermediate
Red = Hard

Or could correspond with the same setup when adding a training plan to the calendar:

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