Workout not loading

Having issues loading workouts from the calendar, just a blank screen appears then I have to close the desktop app and restart to get back to calendar.
Anyone got any suggestions…bit of a Luddite so keep it simple please

Hey there and welcome to the TR community!

Sorry to hear about the trouble you’re running into. For starters, have you rebooted your computer recently? It sounds simple, but it often helps!

If it seems like it isn’t an easy issue to fix here, go ahead and reach out to and we can help get it sorted – if you go to you should see an option in one of the corners of your webpage that says “Chat with a Human” that’ll connect you live with one of our agents. :slight_smile:

Yep done all that….still nothing

Hey! It looks like you found a solution on this article:

Is everything working OK now?

I had trouble loading TR on my iPad twice this week. I have not yet contacted support in case it was a ME issue. After the first time, I removed the app from my iPad, restarted the iPad, and then reinstalled the TR app. I had issues a second time though so that wasn’t it. I believe that it said a networking issue but other apps words so I dunno.

Hey @jmkizer! What iPad generation do you have?

We have a minimum system requirement of iPad 5th Generation (2017) or Newer.

Thanks. Actually, I think that restarting the router addressed the issue.

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