Workout recommendation: 1-2 minute power

Anyone know specific workouts that would be good for increasing 1-2 minute max power?

There’s a short, sharp climb in my neighborhood that I want to improve my PR on. For traffic reasons, doing repeats of this hill itself is not a great option.

  • 1 min power all out efforts. Full rest after effort and repeat. Do them max out.
  • Strenght training
  • All kind of aerobic training (1 min effort is roughly 50% anaerobic as aerobic)

For information:

The Time-Crunched Cyclist Podcast - CTS (episode how to train anaerobic capacity)


Thanks for the resources! I’ll give the podcast a listen when I get a chance.

Are there any specific workouts in the TR library that you can recommend?

Osceola seems proper. Forget about erg, switch to resistance/level and rip as hard as you can. This would be better to do on road as usually you can get more power. But the most important part is doing them as all out efforts. It hurts extremely. Do them as fresh as you can, as in this case quality is more important than quantity (the conclusions from podcasts and resources).

Never forget about aerobic side. My 1min power when I was in form was pretty medicore (around 620W) but my 1s peak is 900W :wink: I always see big bump from threshold and z2 training translating into my 1 min power.

Here you will also find some nuggetes of knowlege about FRC training: