Workout on Edge 1030+

Is it possible to ride a indoor workout from TR on edge.

I connected TR with Garmin Connect, but I do not see the workpit from tomorrow in the edge callender.
What can be the problem.

It is essentially possible to do. You need to treat it like an “outside” workout and flip the switches in TR to make that happen. Have you done that?

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Read this:
Pushing an Outside Workout to Garmin – TrainerRoad

and make sure you’ve done all the steps. What do you see on the TR calendar?

Yes I did

Two choices.
1 Make TR Workouts Outdoor work outs, they wont sync beyond 2 or 3 days in advance (I forget) but do it Indoors on the Garmin; or
2 Recreate the WO in Training Peaks, sloping changes need to be done in blocks and unless you pay you cant do more than one day in advance. Sometimes beneficial for me at least as you don’t need to bother with pressing the lap key, you do for some TR Outdoors workouts.