Workout from lap top to phone?

I recorded a workout on my lap top this morning but when I go in to my account on my phone it doesn’t seem to be coming up. I tried logging in and out but no sign??

Have you connected the laptop to the web (during or after the workout) so it can upload the ride file to TrainerRoad?

Might need to re-sync.

@teamkennyg I took a look at your online career and the workout wasn’t there either which means that the workout hasn’t uploaded to our servers. Once you connect to the web and it’s uploaded to our servers, it’ll show up in the app on your phone. @mcneese.chad gave you the link on how to re-sync the ride which may be necessary as well.

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Connect to the web as in just googling something??

Kinda. You must have the device that runs the TrainerRoad app, connected to the internet so it can upload the ride to the TrainerRoad site.

So, make sure you are connected to cable or wifi, and then follow the Re-Sync instructions I linked above, to push your ride file to TR.

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I’ve had this problem. All my future workouts were gone. It just took some time but it showed up. Maybe next day. It may have loaded once I got off wifi. Maybe try that and see.