Help Recovering Ride Data from Laptop

Unable to use my usual combo of app and KicR, this evening I went to the effort of downloading the TR app for Windows 10 and hooking it up to a classic WattBike Pro via Ant+ and separately my HRM. I completed 90% of a workout before waving the white flag. I clicked “save” rather than “discard” when prompted. I was taken to the analyse ride screen when I noticed I did not have an internet connection. I packed up my kit (including putting laptop to sleep), went inside from the shed and opened up laptop to connect to the internet. Reopened TR app, which had closed and saw green “synced” tab in the top right but alas it is not showing my ride on Calendar or anywhere else. It feels like it’s been lost but even in the absence of an internet connection when saving, surely the workout was saved locally on hard drive and I should be able to recover it manually? Can anyone help? Thanks in anticipation.

Get in touch with and they should be able to help you.

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I sure will. I was just hoping someone might have the know-how to assist with a quicker DIY solution.

Sounds like it should be saved on your device locally!

Try out these steps – I think that should get you sorted!

Feel free to let me or TR Support know if you have any other issues.

Hi Zackery and thanks for the rapid response. I had already researched and tried that option but unfortunately when I open calendar or career, it does not show a (partially) completed workout, just “load workout” option, as if I’ve not yet started the scheduled workout. Is there a “deeper” search I can do to try and find the data?

Got it – that was on the same laptop you used to do the workout, correct?

I’ll send your account to our ride recovery experts who may be able to find it if any log files got through to our end!