Garmin import but not export

Is there a way to have all of my rides in Garmin Connect imported to TR but TR rides not be exported to GC? I’d like to have GC have a “complete” picture and not ignore the stress/acclimatization that the newer Gamins do.

you can import Garmin Connect Outdoor rides to TR via Strava (also historical rides) and disable TR to GCM Export.

That means, you record your TR rides with Garmin twice?


The idea would be to have TR run the workout and just have my Garmin there collecting the info, but if I do that then I end up with two workouts in GC.
I’ll give the Strava link idea a go

I think my setup looks pretty close to what you want. The trick is to uncheck “Activities” from “Data shared from TrainerRoad app to Garmin” when setting up your Garmin connection in TrainerRoad:

Then I use both the TrainerRoad app and my Edge to track the workout. Only the Edge syncs the workout to Connect, and the TR app syncs to TrainerRoad (and Garmin syncs to TR, which most of the time TR recognizes correctly as the same workout it tracked itself, but every once in a while it doesn’t, so I have to delete it).

The only annoyance is that both TR and Garmin sync to Strava, creating two workouts there. I then delete the one synced from Garmin.


the trick with Strava and Garmin is following:

end your ride on TR it stops and sync to Strava, wait a little bit to save the Garmin ride, then Strava don’t import it a second time!